Knight of Mars (sailornash) wrote,
Knight of Mars

Angels born without wings do not need them to soar.

I was thinking today. Had a lot of time to do that as I drove to Beaumont, Texas yet again. And even more as I sat on the side of the road broken down all afternoon, but I digress.

"How Do You Like Me Now" has been one of my new favorite songs ever since I first heard Toby Keith blast it out of my truck speakers. At the time though, it didn't really apply. But I kept telling myself that one day - one day SOON - I was going to ride all over town playin' that song as loud as I possibly could. Because then it would apply. Because then I would have made it.

Haven't been listening to a lot of country lately. Kind of in an aggro mood, so it's all techno and hard rock (with some of the classics thrown in cause Jimmy Buffett never gets old). On the way to Texas though, there wasn't much else to listen to and even though I'm not so keen on these newer songs, I'm still a big country fan. And when I heard that song, I was screaming out the lyrics like I've always done.

Then I started thinking about things. Still single, but damn if that wasn't a blessing in disguise. Not only do I have a job now, but I'm travelling all over the world to kick ASCII and take domain names. Starting to make some friends at Miso - in fact, I just spent the previous night grilling out and watching Star Wars IV: A New Hope over at Em and Mo's place with some of the other regs. And right before I left, one of our customers shook my hand and went on about how pleased he was to finally meet me, the guy that has been doing so much for them and their company.

Maybe things are starting to look good for me. Funny thing is I've been kind of down as of late, not feeling good enough for anyone...especially not myself. And even after a very NASCAR-esque powerslide through two lanes of I-10 rush hour traffic shortly after that revalation, I'm okay. I have not and WILL NOT forget about 2004. The job problems, the girl problems, the health problems, and even more problems to count. Each was devistating on their own. All at once was unbearable. Despite all of that, I AM STILL HERE. Just like Gut Check back during football season. I made it through that, and everything else paled in comparison. I will not stop. No one can stop me. Don't cry for this man, cause the Low Man is due.

And I couldn't have made it without y'all. Don't think that I've forgotten that. All of the things that you've said or done, or even thought about doing but couldn't/weren't able to. I have not forgotten, and I can not thank y'all enough.

Oh yeah...and Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith was good. Normally I'd elaborate on this, but then I would just be babbling incoherently and typing far too many exclamation points and maybe even a few ones for good measure. Just go see the damned thing if you haven't already.
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