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Singing Off-Key

Don't you just love it when you're in the middle about prayin' for something real hard, and get interrupted by what you were asking for actually happening? Only thing better than that is getting a Bruce Almighty-esque "sign" right after that pointing out the way that you need to go. Not saying that anything's 100% solved - not even close - but seeing an example of what I needed was awesome enough.

Anyways, today I had to go to work for half the day. We stopped by a gun and knife show on the way back, and then grabbed some lunch (and you wouldn't believe the waitresses at that place if I told ya). The rest of the day I slept, cause I kind of conked out after getting back. When I got up I watched the Busch race, since it was rain-delayed for several hours, and then the Braves game. Then I kind of surfed the 'Net taking random OK Cupid quizzes and watching Adult Swim off and on. Including one of the best of the Bebop episodes...the one, where depending on what you usually pay attention to, Vicious throws Spike out of the stained glass window of a church or where Faye was wearing that slinky red dress to the opera. ::smirks::

I did notice a very interesting theme through each of the memes, however. Seems that, by some amazing stroke of luck, I got the highest marks on each and every single one. And especially the ones about yours truly, how based on my results I am the single most perfect male on the planet. Just look at some of these:

The MAN Test: Casanova
Wow. You're every woman's dream come true and a real man. You know that
machismo isn't the most important thing, and it looks like you're kind to
old ladies and good in the sack. Good for you. Keep rockin', stud.

(Scientific evidence that I am indeed the manliest man of them all. Sorry, Haze, the numbers speak for themselves...)

The How To Treat Your Woman Test: You scored 91% Woman care!
Amazing, your an expert lover and great in bed no doubt, your women are
seldom unhappy, and you are very popular with the ladies, unless you cheated
and weren't completely honest in which case your test is effectivly 0%.

(I know how to take care of a lady. Just don't get the opportunities. That line about being popular isn't exactly the case, and isn't relevant to the scope of this meme.)

The Score a Date! Test: Pro
Don Juan, you are. And I am... available. You treated our Alex like the
princess she is, even though at the end she fo-ripped out your heart
and fo-ate it. So it goes.

(Now this one does sound like me, I'll have to admit. And it ends up the same way, too. Heh.)

The Would Any Girl Choose You Test: A Girl's First Choice
Girls Might Have 94% Interest in You. Congratulations!
Unless you lied, you are among the lucky ones whom girls would not hesitate
to make their life-partner. Interestingly, you are also the ones who would
not need a woman at all. If you are single, it would definitely be by choice.

(Now THIS one has got to be the strangest of the bunch. I'm apparently most people's last choice, and I for one have no choice at all in such matters.)

The Are You What a Girl Wants Test: The Potential Lover
Unbelievable. Whatever you are doing in regards to relationships, never stop.
You are exactly what a woman wants in a man. You have that seamless blend of
romance, honesty, intellect, humor, sensitivity, masculinity and maturity that
any woman would want in a man. You know how and when to be romantic, and also
know when to be serious, chill, or snuggle up for a movie. Best of all, you
aren't afraid to take some personal "you" time, which I think is extremely
important in any relationship. I guarantee you'll make one lucky woman very
happy some day.

("Whatever I'm doing"? You mean, ignoring them completely? Suppose so. Guess that "some day" won't be for a while yet.)

Yeah...I don't believe any of that either. But I answered honestly, and that's honestly what I got. Hell, one test even told me that I was "Perfect". Not sure what kind of alternate universe this fictional me must live in though. But damn would I like to be that guy for a while. =P

I'm also 82% Super Ninja. Sweeeeeeet! Combat ability is 90%, also awesome. Perfect score on the "Jay and Silent Bob" trivia quiz, and scores in the 80th percentile range on most of the others as well. My D&D stats are apparently 15-8-15-17-13-7. Sounds pretty good, though the Strength is questionable. Since I have no clue about how much I can lift now, I put my old bench press max in there. So that one's at least explainable.

And in an interesting coincidence, the "If I were a rassler, who would I be" quiz gave me Kevin Nash as my result. I kind of liked that. ::smirks::

This song fucking rocks, by the way. Nalyubuites. Aeria gloris.
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