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Deep in the heart of Texas! (clap clap clap)

If you know me at all, you know I'll do anything for my friends and family. You'll also remember how important traditions are to me, and how my word is as good as they come (86%, remember?). You may also remember how on Friday I said I might be goin' to Texas for another business trip...

What you prolly don't know is that the convo held on Friday, in which I said that yes I might be interested, was enough to solidly confirm the fact that I was not only going, but was leaving first thing Tuesday morning. Imagime my shock coming to work on Monday and discovering this was the case...

You prolly also do not know what all I'm getting screwed out of because of this. The annual father-son Talledega trip is day after tomorrow. We bought the tickets 364 days in advance, and the week of the race I have to tell my dad that for the first time in around 15 years, I ain't going. And this is after Mom's been talking it up all week, offering that as the silver lining of hope to cheer us both up after miserable days at work. After a week of her reminding us how we'll prolly be doing this forever and eventually taking grandkids with us, it's off and we're selling the tickets. I'm also missing Jason's birthday. I haven't seen him since Dragon*Con (damn!), and with everything from Ralph being hit by a freight train to me going cruising all over central Europe on a business trip, I don't think I've even called him since New Years. Some friend I am...and while I did not give him my word per se, I did tell myself that I'd do my damndest to get up there for his birthday at the very least. My only brother is graduating from college the very same weekend. It's kind of a once-in-a-lifetime event that can't really be rescheduled. And I told them ahead of time that I was only available during the week cause I had plans for the weekend. Hell, I even asked for that Friday off! And last but not least, all of my Mobile friends are throwing a big party that weekend. I know that I wouldn't be there anyways cause even without this Texan jorb I'd have had to miss it, but every single Mobile friend I have will be there. And since it's a FY-themed party, everyone expects their Tasuki to be there. So much so that the officers even considered moving the date at one point soley for my benefit. ::sighs::

Oh wait...we also had plans to take our towels and go watch the HGttG movie this weekend. Almost forgot about that one. =P

So basically, I got screwed out of every single thing that's important to me and then some. I've let my family down, both my father and my brother. I've let my good friends down, both here and in Tuscaloosa. I've come as close to breaking my word as I ever hope to, because I promised myself even if I didn't promise anyone else. And I broke the longest-standing tradition that our family has.

I know that I'm the only one that could go. I can do this stuff in my sleep, being almost as qualified as Jesse himself. And I'm the single guy with no girlfriends or family or friends or obligations, so if someone needs to go halfway across the country on only a day or two's notice, that's gotta be me. But at first I thought I was going instead of Jesse, and this was perhaps my big chance to prove to everyone that I'm far more awesome than a mere intern. Turns out that they weren't 100% sure that the project would be finished in the two weeks set aside for it, so they asked for another tech just in case. Jesse could do this himself, and has even said so a few times while we were here (mainly because he didn't realize how much it pissed me off to be reminded that I'm having to sacrifice everything when it's not really needed). It's a lot easier for two folks and I am being kept pretty busy, but I hate to think that this is just a massive waste of my time.

And because the customer was a little panicked, he even offered to send yet another tech down here to help out. I realize that this was purely out of anxiety, but it didn't make me feel so hot to think that someone thought so little of my skillz that he deemed a third person neccisary. Wasn't a slam against me at all, but when I heard I couldn't help but take it that way since I was already in not so good of a mood.

At least the job's easy. Important stuff - setting up an entire network from scratch for the biggest chemical company I've ever seen - but a piece of cake for someone like me. And I'm working with Jesse, who has a great sense of humor. It's kind of annoying how I gotta work over the weekend, but you gotta do what you gotta do. I suppose the most annoying part is how Jesse keeps asking me about 'Dega, have I talked to my folks yet or have we sold the tickets or am I going back Thursday night or Friday morning and not working this weekend or do I need to ask around for a carpool or whatever the fuck else. I'd rather just not be reminded of it, to tell the truth. I know he's just concerned and doesn't want me to miss out on something like that, and after the fact I'll be grateful for him bein' friendly towards me. But right now, I just wanna think and talk about something else.

But yeah. I've been in Beaumont, Texas since Tuesday. And I have quite a lot of beer stuffed into my micro-fridge. Thing's packed to the seams...don't think I could shove another bottle in there if I tried. So if anyone wants to swing by the Holliday Inn and get their drink on, just lemme know and I'll pick up the tab. To be honest it'd be kind of nice to see a friendly face. Been kind of down this week, for blatantly obvious reasons.

Nothing else has been happening. Go to work, eat supper, come home and watch Adult Swim. Wake up and do it all over again. It's no vacation like Europe, but it would be fun if it had of fallen on any other two weeks of the year. Since it's so slow though, I might be online this weekend since Jesse took one of the Odyssey computers with us. That was really awesome of him.

And also becauase not much is going on, here's a meme I yoinked from teh Sage:

If You Were in Chrono Trigger by Silfahlhil
Time period of origin:600 A.D.
Weapon type:Gun
Magic type:Wind
Who your best double tech is with:Marle
Who your best triple tech is with:Magus and Schala
Your personal sidequest:Teaching the trio of Ozzie, Flea, and Slash how to fight without being total washouts.
Battle where you are most useful:End of Time, making hash out of Spekkio.
Level at end game:95
Your ending:You finally convince Magus to turn Frog/Glenn back into a human, but now you owe him a favor.
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Very awesome.
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