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No real updates today. What little news seems only to confirm the general consensus of "we dunno". His vital signs are good. And he's made it through the second day of surgery. Both good signs, I suppose. But the doctors are also saying that he's "not responding the way that we want him to", whatever that means. And the massive hemorrhaging is still going on in his brain. Apparently everything else is so bad, that all the doctors can do it keep their eye on the multiple wounds bleeding inside his head because they have to fix all the damage in his abdomen first.

Long story short: the doctors are so unsure that they're not even willing to give any sort of percentages of whether or not he'll make it, or what kind of problems he'll have assuming that he does.

That's one of the things that's bothering me the most. He looks bad. He looks just alive enough not to be dead, but far too bad off to be anything close to "good". He's caught somewhere in the middle, and I can't imagine what kind of agony he's in right now. And since his vitals are good, he may be fighting this battle for a while, whether or not he ever leaves the hospital or even regains consciousness.
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