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Just got back from Miso. Can't say that I had the best of times, natch. I just figured that Mom and Dad needed the rest. Both are sick as hell with the flu, and Mom's so bad she can't hardly walk without staggering around like a drunk because of her nausea and dizziness. When they got in from the hospital, they both looked utterly exhausted and in desperate need of some rest. Especially if they're gonna be there for most of the day tomorrow. I had to get out of the house to give them some quiet, and to try to take care of the situation in my own way. I figured that this way, if anything good happened then I'd already be halfway there. Also, his next round of surgeries started tonight at midnight. If anything bad were to happen, likewise, I'd be able to get there fairly quick. (Not that I can really do much 'cept to pray, but at least I had an excuse to be awake and fully dressed at 2am just in case.)

Not sure what's happening tomorrow. If he pulls through, he'll be in the hospital for quite some time. Can't have someone there 24/7 under those circumstances. But he's so iffy now that everyone wants to be there in case he suddenly takes the turn for the worse that we're all almost expecting. Could be any time now. I might be tagging someone out tomorrow, sitting at the hospital while they go home and eat and take a nap. Might be running the shop for Aunt Joyce so she can spend as much time down there with her brother as possible. Maybe a little of both - I don't know.

Gotta hit the sack for tonight though. Only got time for four or five hours of downtime before I'm doing whatever it is that I'm doing. I just hope we know something more solid by tomorrow. I hate things being up in the air like this. One side of me keeps telling myself that he got hit by a fucking TRAIN and not to expect much, but the rest of me refuses to give up hope.
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