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Workin' Man Blues

My cold/flu/whatever is finally letting up. I'm still coughing and I still got a sore throat, but all the body aches and fatigue is gone. After being puny for the whole past week, it's kind of a rush to feel "healthy" again. And my torn/pulled hamstring is finally acting more or less normal. Right now I feel like I'm six foot tall and bulletproof. Okay, so not exactly, but I'm feeling about 5'10" and slightly radioactive. ::smirks::

Work was cool today. Bossman kind of threw me into something without me fully knowing what I was doing, and I set things up 99% correctly. And even when I pulled the other technician in there to help me iron out the kinks in that last 1%, she had no idea what was wrong either. Kind of good to hear, cause that lets me know it isn't just me. Turned out to be a stupid little thing like it always does, but I was still satisfied by my performance on the field today.

One of the things I was doing was downloading all the hacktoys I could think of and setting up the computers in the classroom such that they can attack everyone else's virtual machines without accidentally damaging the host OS. Damn, that class looks fun! Ever since I heard about it a while ago, I was trying to find a way to raise that kind of money so that I could take it. When Chris told me the other day how that I could now sit in on his classes for free as long as he didn't need me at someone's site working, my first thought was that the timing was perfect and I was gonna crash that class no matter what.

(Well, that's a lie. My first thought was "Whoo-hoo! He thinks I'm doin' an excellent jorb!" My second thought was "Hmm...I wonder how long I can keep this up? Can't fool him forever." But my third thought was definitely that I was gonna get to attend the week-long security course.) ^_^;

Meanwhile, I also got my first chunk of real responsibility today. Up until now, I was doing things in-house, and most of the site visits save for one or two was simply me hanging out with one of the experts and watching how they do things. Next week though, I'll be one of the two fellas in charge of the project. Not the go-to guy, but even bein' the tag team partner is pretty good for this point in time. That's one giant leap for a man, one small step for the manliest man of them all. Still good news, though. Only problem is that I'll be working almost the entire week next week. Guess I can't complain, cause that's more money for me. But still, I'm gonna hafta miss all the 1337 fun. ::shrugs::
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