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Another slow, uneventful day. Stayed up late watching movies; this time it was "Death to Smoochie". Not a good movie by any stretch of the imagination, but I enjoyed it. Not enough to justify buying it, but it was worth a rental. Robin Williams is a kid show host that gets replaced by a Barney ripoff. He goes nuts, and tries to murder the guy in the big foam suit. First off, Robin Williams is always funny - easily one of my favorite comedians. Secondly, Edward Norton was great in that movie. Everytime I saw him say "Well, golly, I don't think it would be nice to do that, mister...", I was thinking of some random line from "Fight Club" (best movie ever, btw, in case you've missed it). It was great seeing things as innocent and pure and carefree as charities and kid's educational shows and such treated like mobs, thugs, gangs, and wrapped up in durty deals and murder. Not great, but you'll definitely laugh enough to make it worth the $2.50 rental at Pick-a-Flick.

Night before last, thespacecow forced laura and me to watch a movie called "Donnie Darko". This one was indeed a good movie. I have always loved flicks about time travel, and this one makes you think. Great movie. Killer soundtrack too. Still got the ending song, "Mad World", stuck in my head on auto-repeat. Think of this movie as the antithesis for "It's a Wonderful Life" and you'll get the main gist of it. If you're bored over this last week of the school holiday, go check this one out.

This morning we got to sleep fairly late. Very nice. Unfortunately, moongoddess8 got a little sick yesterday, and woke up in bad shape. We dined on the finest breakfast known to man - Krispy Kreme doughnuts - courtesy of my dad. He always brings a dozen over whenever he knows that Laura is spending the night. ::smiles:: After that, we went to the Flea Market (which, despite it's name, is larger than most malls) to drop off one of laura's presents, a bracelet, to be resized. We spent some time with Pam and Aunt Joyce, and show them the pictures of the wedding dresses she tried on a few days ago. Unfortunately, we couldn't stay for too long as laura was petty ill. RJ dropped by, but we left shortly afterward. Then, we ended up going all the way down Airport Boulevard, one of the busiest and most dangerous roads in Mobile, to pick up something that Laura had left in Julie's car the other day when they went shopping. As luck would have it, Julie wasn't there. Also, she didn't have the presence of mind to leave the package there at the house so laura could pick it up. Bah.

After that, we grabbed some yummy delicious chicken sandwiches at DQ, and headed back home. Of course, I was so concerned about my baby feeling bad that I completely forgot to pick up the things that mom needed from the Market while I was out. Anyway, she ate her sandwich and took some Benadryl, and we all started watching some movie. About 30 mins into it, Buck (the only other cool cousin I have, mentioned in my last LJ post) came over. We hung out for a while, and laura ended up passing out on the couch. Medicine must have kicked in, I suppose. Buck filled us in on all the gossip from Christmas. Nothing unusual, although I discovered that the little prick Daniel that everyone hates used to be into witchcraft. Very ironic, considering that his mother is "holier than thou" and acts like she is sheer perfection, an angel walking among mere mortals. She's also the biggest bitch one will ever lay eyes on, but you didn't hear that from me. ::tries to look innocent:: Heh.

Anyway, laura's KOed in the bed behind me. She woke up long enough for me to feed her some more medicine, get her to take out her contacts and dress down into her jammies, and tuck her into bed. Hopefully she'll be better rested in here in the dark instead of on the kinda-uncomfortable couch in the living room, with dogs running around and the TV blaring and the Christmas lights blinking and flashing. I hope you start feeling better, princess. I love you.

Plans to go to Bellengrath for the light show tonight are likely off, but maybe we can give it another shot tomorrow if she starts feeling better. If not, we'll both be piled up on the couch watching football games and movies, eating pills every eight hours. I'm feeling pretty shitty myself, so more than likely I'll end up with whatever's going around myself. I just hope it's not the killer disease that has kept mom sick for over two months now. That'll be fun to take back with us to T-town. Heh.

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