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Unexpected Coolness

After Dad got off of work, he dropped by the Presleys to say hi to his mom, and left their present to us under the tree for when we woke up. Twenty bucks - not the most thoughtful gift in the world (it wasn't even inside a Christmas card, the way most people give money as gifts), but I'm not one to look $20 in the mouth. It's much better than getting the same gift as the dog. I surely hope it's not the thought that counts, especially when someone not only doesthat but brags to everyone that she did it. =P

What was tres cool was that there was a second present addressed to me. From my cousin, Heather. Now, while 99% of that side of the family is against us, Heather is actually cool as hell. Only her and Buck are worth mentioning as the two diamonds that emerged from a family full of coal. Usually Heather and Buck (my two half-cousins), RJ (my brother), and Laura (my fiancee) hang out together, watching TV or shooting pool or whatever else. As long as we're away from the crowd. Just like in high school - there's the horde of morons, and my small band of outsiders sticking together, laughing at the masses from the sidelines. So, despite coming from that side of the family, Heather is not apart of the clan I mentioned in my previous post. ^_^

Turns out that she decided to get myself, RJ, and our dad a small present on the side, all on her own. That's pretty cool. For no other reason other than the fact that she likes us, she went out and bought us a little something. That's the kind of thing Christmas is all about - showing your friends and family that you care about them, and that you appreciate them. That being said, it doesn't matter what she got; just the fact that she was thinking about me was pretty impressive.

However, she got me something that I really like. It is this nifty keychain with a really cool dice, gold with sparkles inside of it. Yeah, my immediate family knows I collect dice, and the self-admitted "geeks" know I'm into RPG's and all, but I was quite surprised that she thought of something appropriate. Either she did some homework, or she really paid attention to me in the way that few people seldom do. To be honest, I don't really think that I've ever mentioned anything like that at family reunions or holidays, so it does make me wonder whether it was just a lucky guess or what...

Anyways, long story short, Heather is cool as fuck, and if you're reading this....thanks.

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