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Week in Review:

First day on the job. I finish roughly half of the items on the list of things the boss wanted me to do over the course of the week. Yes, I'm that damn good.

Now I understand why they say to fear programmers who carry screwdrivers. ::smirk::

Miso! ^_^

SLEEP. -_-

First service call. I had to reinstall WinXP and some mission critical software on a barely-operational computer while saving all the documents and settings. While this was going on I ran an AV/spyware sweep on another box belonging to the world's biggest Auburn fan, who was complaining about system performance. I felt extremely awkward being surrounded by so much orange and blue, but it was damn cool how he was begging me for my help, and then calling me "Sir" and praising me once I fixed his comp. Couldn't help but enjoy that one. ::grin:: Meanwhile, my boss was chasing my identical twin around the Springdale Mall parking lot.

Afterwards? Lots of beer. Lots of Metallica, KoRn, Nirvana, and Powerman 5000. And lots more beer. Fuck off, all you lovebirds. Love is a lie. To hell with it all...I am not meant to love, nor to be loved.

You'd be surprised how easy it is to liquefy the innards of a power drill. Though that means that now I get to play with a brand new two-handed monster. Forget that statement at the top of my post - I will show you what true ph34r is. ::devious grin::

Class started at six. I walked into the office and past the boss/instructor at 6:05 PM, carrying the ladder under one arm and my schoolbooks under the other. Very long day, indeed. (And never again will I rush off to work/school without my back brace.)

I might be going to Amsterdam?!?

To Be Continued...
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