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Holy Smeg!

I just logged on to hit AIM for a little while before I went to bed, but I completely forgot to iron my clothes for tomorrow!

::baps self repeatedly with the DUH stick::

Sorry for the instant logon-logoff dissapearing trick. Wish I could stay and chat.
Gotta fly!

[EDIT] Minor Laundry Crisis: Averted.

Not sure if it "worked" clothes pretty much look the same as they did before I ironed them. Can't complain though, as I didn't burn any holes into them like all the bachellors on TV. The starch left these little white fuzzy....things....all over though. I'm hoping that it's just scarch and it'll dry up and evaporate away before tomorrow morning. Otherwise I might just have to wash those two damn things again, and wear them straight out of the dryer.

Still, it's almost midnight and I've gotta be up in six hours to pull a 16-hour shift at Odyssey, half as a galley slave and half as a student. Plus I'm dogsitting for my parents, so I'll have to wake up at least once to go and walk them. In the rain. Plus there's some sort of important meeting first thing in the morning, which was the reason for the money suit to begin with. PLUS tomorrow's my first service call, so I gotta look sharp while I'm on site. Bah.

God, I wish I had a shot of tequilla and a few Tylenol PM's right now...
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