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Happy Chinese New Year!

Tonight marks the first night of the lunar New Year. If I'm not mistaken, it's the year of the Wooden Cock. Take that how you will. =P

Just got back in from class. While there, Chris told me that he had heard back from USA about skirting the "can't hire current students" rule by instead offering me a paid internship. All signs are go - we are clear for launch.

So, the job hunt isn't officially over yet. This is just part time; I'm basically on-call whenever they need me. And the pay is kind of low considering that technically it's still just an internship. But hell fucking yeah! Not only will I be making a little bit here and there to start paying off these student loans and credit card bills, but more importantly I'll be getting some hardcore real world experience. I'll naturally get to network with the various companies that contract work out to Odyssey Networking. Plus, Chris Dow is *The Man* when it comes to computers and Mobile. He knows anyone and everyone in the field. He'll still be passing my resume on to interested companies as he has been, and once he sees me in action, he can then vouch for my work ethic and my skill rather than just saying that I was smart in class. Between my connections and his, my ability to land a job in the Mobile area just went up a thousand fold. And that's just if he doesn't want to keep me for himself; I'm an intern while I'm still in his class, but afterwards I very well may get asked to stay on full time.

In short, I'm now one step closer to finally landing my dream job....Russ Cantrell, Office Linebacker. ::smirks::
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