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Hmm, where did I put that remote....?

Am I the only person that didn't think that American Dad was very funny? At all? ::shrugs::

I only vaguely remember originally hearing about this new show. Wouldn't have paid it much attention if it weren't by the same fella as Family Guy, which is perhaps the single funniest cartoon in the history of mankind. Since Fox decided to pull that "dud" off the air, I was overjoyed to hear that Seth was making a new show in it's place....even though the premise did sound a bit wonky at the time. However, if anyone could pull it off, it'd be him.

Then, of course, Family Guy was released on DVD. Folks snagged those box sets left and right. Cartoon Network picks it up and shows it along with the equally underappreciated Futurama on it's Adult Swim programming block. Fox realizes that it made a huge mistake, and plans to debut all-new episodes starting in May. (Though sadly not Futurama as well.) Till then, they've been showing the old episodes every week. And TBS is broadcasting them now as well.

All this being the case, I almost forgot about American Dad. After all, the only reason I was interested to begin with was because it was the closest thing to Family Guy that was on TV.

Still, when I saw that the sneak preview was right after the Super Bowl, my ears certainly pricked up. Again I think back to how Futurama was originally only known as "that other show that the Simpsons guy is doing", and how it ended up being 100x funnier than the Simpsons ever hoped of being. While I doubted that it could ever match Family Guy, I didn't expect it to be as bad as it was. And I'm a sucker for political humor. Bout the only decent joke in that entire 30-minute block was God begging President Bush not to say that He wanted him to be President. Very humorous idea, but even that took too long to develop. Too much work for just one punchline. Meh.

Kind of makes me wish that Fox (or anyone, really) would pick up the rights to This Just In from SpikeTV. That show kicked significant amounts of ass...
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