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Technical Difficulties

Took the test again. But this time, the testing program itself decided to crash on me. She tells me that this has only happened once before, but when it did, it saved the progress and the test taker was able to finish without any problems. I was extremely glad, because this test thus far was a cakewalk compared to the questions that I was asked on the previous one. System restarted, and it saved all but the last question, which was still fresh enough in my mind that I easily remembered which answer I gave for it. I was very worried and very stressed, but quickly regained my composure and continued onward.

Then it happens again.

The lady from the front desk can't believe that it's happened again, but she comes in and logs me back on with her password. Again, I'm stressed and aggrivated, but it does not seem to reset. As far as I could tell, my progress had been saved. I eventually finish up, giving God a quick "thanks" because these questions were much easier than the ones randomly selected for my first exam, and cross my fingers while I wait for the final page to load with my score.

And when it does, it's twenty-two points lower than before.

This can't be right. Last time, I wasn't prepared. I went in there maybe at 70%, forcing myself to take it them for fear of falling behind. I also thought the test was going to mainly be on Active Directory, with a few other server-related topics such as Shadow Copies. I was mistaken, and AD was the vast minorty of the questions asked. This time, I studied hard for the past two weeks. I even forsake watching Fushigi Yuugi in order to study. I finally get the FY box sets, something I've been dreaming about since I first saw the fansubs on pathetically bad VHS extended play dubs, and I force myself not to indulge in watching them in order to study. (Well, I did watch that first disc, but only because that day my neck was hurting so bad that I couldn't study). I knew what was going to be on the exam this time. I got much easier questions than before. And I had two more weeks of classes under my belt. How could I have dropped so low on this exam?

All I can think of is that those errors had some effect on my exam. Perhaps some of the answers were de-selected, or did not transmit properly. Perhaps the order in which the answer choices appeared were randomized in a different order upon the reboot, and my selection of "A" was no longer correct. Jessie, the second in command there at Odyssey, advised me to write Vue and tell them what happened. I did this later that night...I wanted to calm down a bit first. He also suggested that I took the test right then. However, it was four o'clock, and the exam lasts two and a half hours. That'd carry me on past their official closing time at 5pm, and even into my night class which started at six. Not to mention the fact that I was seething with rage over wasting money and failing a test, whether or not it was my fault or the machine's. Not the best time to try to take an exam, I think. In fact, I left the building so that they wouldn't see me when I was like that. After all, there's still a possibility that they might hire me on. In any case, I wrote Vue an email and they're looking into the matter. I should hear more within a few days. (Though even in the best case scenario, I'll likely only get a free coupon for a retake exam. I'll still have to cram again and take the test again and so on. Meh.)

So I drove over to GroundZero and played DDR for almost an hour and a half straight. That was about the only machine that didn't explode last night, which is surprising considering the fact that I was 1) wearing large, clunky hiking boots, and 2) I was stomping pretty damn hard with each step. Not intentionally, but I was pissed off/frustrated, and when I get like that the only thing that helps is physical activity. Even though my back may be broken, I'm still a jock at heart. Dancing when angry probably doesn't make much sense to most people, but as that's about the most physical thing I'm still able to do, I pounded out song after song till I was drenched in sweat and had difficulty walking in a straight line.

I get to class five minutes beforehand. Joe and Kris were about to call the seach party on me, because I'm usually the first or second one there. I was still in a very foul mood. And of course, they asked how my test went. Bah.

Jessie was teaching that night, since he was the Exchange guy. One of the things he joked about was how long it took to set up an Exchange server. It was even worse when he couldn't find the CD's for that or for MS Office. He eventually got them, and we began setting up one server on each subnet. He mentioned that they took longer to set up than an install of the entire Windows Server 2003 operating system, and he was right. Boy, was he right! Ours took over an hour and a half. And since that was the case, and since we couldn't do anything until the install was complete, we all just kind of goofed off in the meantime. Kind of nice, considering how stressed out I already was.

Once it finally did install, we only had an hour or so left in class. So it was very laid back and loose. That was fun for a while, till the goobers in the second row logged on under my screenname and began sending everyone email posing as me. Mostly insulting gay stuffs. I know they were only joking around, but I was NOT in the mood to be fooled around with. >_<

I did pull a good joke on Joe, though. He has the tendancy to say "wasabi" all the time. To test out the shared notes feature, he created a blank note with that as the title. I grabbed and drug it across my screen with the left mouse button, and when I released it I notice that it had created a copy of the note instead of moving it. I tried this again to see if I could reproduce it, and sure enough, I had three identical notes on the screen. So I highlighted them all to see what would happen then. Now I had six notes on the screen, and someone else on my subnet noticed. They said something, and Jessie saw what was going on. So I did it again - now there were 12. Then 24. Then an entire screen full. And since they all said "wasabi", everyone thought Joe messed it up, either deliberately or accidentally (since his computer was the one that took so long to install, and was the mail server for our subnet.)

It was funny at first, but Joe and Jessie gradually became more concerned. Jessie instructed everyone on our subnet to log off. We did, and when we brought it back up, someone deleted all the notes save for one. Just to be silly, I paused for a minute or two, then began cloning them one at a time once again. Everyone was confused, but I told 'em it was just me. At this point, I stopped - it was partially a joke, and partially a test that came about when I noticed something odd. But Chase, he decided to try it out too. I think everyone made one or two copies in this manner, but he flooded the server with thousands upon thousands of notes entitled "SHIT HEAD". So much so, in fact, that they could not be deleted. And while me and Joe and Ken all were trying to delete them, he could make new ones much faster. And everyone thought it was me doing that, too. I couldn't stop laughing at first, making me look even more guilty, but I managed to stop once it was well out of hand. Finally, once he got the idea that it was no longer amusing, we managed to delete uncountable pages worth of these empty notes. =P

After class, I told Jessie that it wasn't me, cause I didn't want him to think that I was deliberately trying to crash the entire network. Joe and Kris ended up hanging around as well, and the four of us goofed off for a while. When everyone else left, Joe stuck around partially to try to lift my spirits after the rough day that I had, and partially to talk to me about some of his own problems. It means a lot to me to have friends like that. I'm always the one bending over backwards for everyone else. Not sure if I've ever had a friend so willing to go out of his way for me, the way that I always do for everyone else. Hell, he even offered to get his mom to list me as an employee that does occasional computer work for her hair salon in order for me to get insurance through her company. I don't think I'd feel right about taking him up on that offer, but it's damn cool that someone pays attention and thinks of things like that, going out of their way to help someone else out. Just not used to being that "someone else", I suppose.) ^_^;

Can't and won't get into everything we talked about, but it was great just walking around darkened, deserted streets in the middle of the night with a good friend. I didn't end up getting back home till nearly five in the morning. Very tired, a little sore, and a little bummed out, so I didn't do jack today. I slept late, and finally got to indulge myself with some FY. Made it through the entire Suzaku box tonight...left off at ep 26. Yes, that one. I'll pick up there again tomorrow perhaps, or this weekend.
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