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The Rubicon has been crossed.

Not sure what all it's about, but Hollywood's making a movie called "Because of Winn-Dixie". ::headdesk:: All I saw in the commercial was pictures of a dog, so I don't know how much is about the pooch and how much is an hour-long commercial for the grocery store. And it wasn't even commercials for the was a commercial saying that if you brought your Winn-Dixie reciept to the movies, you'd get 10% off ticket prices. -_-;

What I can say, though, is that this is one helluva bad idea. Geez, if this trend catches on (like you know it probably will), can you imagine what the Summer '06 blockbusters will be? I'll be standing in line, torn between seeing the lighthearted "The Poppin' Fresh Adventures of the Pillsbury Doughboy" or the adult thriller "Uncle Ben and Aunt Jemima's Steamy Breakfast Rendezvous". Instead of Aliens and Predators or Freddy and Jason, there'll be action flicks pittng Mr. Clean against the Viking from the bottles of Armor-All car wax. Maybe the climax will be him polishing Mr. Clean's bald head till it shines? ::groans::

I suppose I should give Hollywood some credit. I've been mocking them for years about being so creatively bankrupt that they're willing to to throw damn near anything on screen. But of course, the first time they do have an original idea, it's to start robbing commercials instead of older movies or TV shows. >_<

...never mind. Scratch that - even this isn't that original of an idea when you come to think about it. "The Wizard" was little more than a plug for the Nintendo Entertainment System in general, and SMB3 in specific. And at least that one tackled the one thing kids of the Eighties drooled after more than anything else, something they were genuinely interested in. Sure, it was all about the product placement, but not much more so than G.I. Joe or the Transformers.

Bah. Remind me to buy my groceries from WalMart next time. People who build supermarkets on top of ancient Mayan burial sites are less offensive than folks like that. =P
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