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It sure is Monday...

Got to get back to work. Ken and I are planning on taking the 70-290 exam this week (or retake, in my case). Originally we were both shooting for Thursday afternoon, but I forgot that's when I have tickets to go see the Dead Sea Scrolls downtown. So I'll probably take mine Friday before class...hopefully I'll pass this time, cause it's kind of hard to concentrate on that night's assignments right after blowing the cert exam a few hours beforehand. Pretty sure I'll do fine, now that I know what to expect. The tag-team study sessions ain't going to hurt, though, so I need to do some indy research beforehand so we're roughly on the same page when we meet up.

I desperately don't feel like studying right now, but sometimes you just got to do what you gotta do. ::shrugs::

Also, lookie! New iconage! Thanks, Rave! ^__^
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