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Must have rubbed him the wrong way...

I'm a huge O'Reilly fan. Have been since back in the day, long before he became so popular. I originally liked him cause he, of all newscasters and media personalities, most accurately mirrored my own opinions and beliefs. Haven't watched him as much as of late though. Now that he's a celebrity, he kind of has to live up to the character, the reputation that preceeds him. I still respect him, but more and more often I find myself disagreeing with some of the things that he says.

One of these things was his slam against The Smoking Gun, the best damn place on the Net to go for court documents and other legal stories. All TSG did was present the information on the Michael Jackson case as it was - they did a very good job of showing both the reasons why Jackson looks like a perverted pedophile and the reasons the why the child's family looks like money-grubbing liars. Nothing sleazy at all. "Just the facts, ma'am."

But it's good to see that TSG still has a sense of humor about all this. Though it's very much a joke at Bill's expense, I couldn't help but laugh my ass off when I saw this...
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