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I told ya. -_-;

In fact, the folks in the Miso chatroom were probably wondering what I was talking about when I suddenly logged off at 11:59pm on Sunday, muttering something about "going offline" and "trying to avoid all the inevitable trouble"...

Turns out that the anime club very nearly got shut down after some serious drama Monday. Not going to go into details here, cause either you were involved in it or you could care less, depending on where I know ya from. Plus, I don't like spreading third-hand information. I wasn't there, after all, so I ain't going to risk misquoting someone or getting the facts wrong. Long story short, the drama went down on the 17th and mere moments after I logged on to the chatroom tonight (the 18th), it blew up once again.


At least all that seems to have died down. I told ya, though...something always happens, every single time without fail. I suppose I was lucky to have missed the brunt of it this time around. (And people think I'm just being paranoid and/or superstitious...)
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