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"There's a squirrel in my pocket..."

I still can't get over that. One HUNDRED dollars, and almost nothing to show for it.

As I was walking out, the receptionist smiled at me and seemed real excited to hear how well I did so that she could congradulate me. Since I ACED all three of the previous cert tests, she knew that I'd blow this one out of the water as well. I just hung my head and slowly shook it sideways. At first, she seemed confused. Then she realized that I was signaling "no", but was waiting for me to laugh and show her the 900 on my result sheet. When it was apparent that I really did fail, her confusion turned into a little bit of sorrow and a whole lot of awkwardness. As I was grabbing my belongings from behind the front desk, I spied the bowl of peppermints sitting there by the receptionist's computer. I looked at her and said "I'm taking this" as I swiped one from the top of the pile. She kind of paused, and then said " can have one if you'd like." I added, "I paid a hundred dollars for this, and I am not walking away from here empty-handed. I paid a hundred dollars for this peppermint." I was looking as serious as I could, but she still burst out into laughter. "And I'm going to savor every second of it."

So yeah. I basically spent a hundred dollars on a peppermint. Jessie pulled me into his office to give me "the talk", and then tried to take my mind off of things by changing the subject completely and showing me some pics he took recently in Texas. Chris grinned and popped his head in, and quickly slinked out of there after feeling the not-so-celibratory atmosphere. He did ask me about it, to see if the test had a lot of material on it that he didn't cover in class, as he doesn't know for certain what will be on the exam himself. We talked about it briefly, but I had to go back into the classroom and start the take-home test that I had been neglecting all week because I was cramming for the 70-290 exam in order to make sure I pass that one. I finished it up right as the rest of the students started piling in for the lab. Very slow start with much frustrations caused by some faulty hardware, but I finished strong by configuring the mail server by myself, and helping Ken with the shadow client software and Joe with the software distribution.

And if the limited sleep and stress and constant failures weren't enough, then I get jumped in the parking lot. Neck and back are hurting like a bitch and a half. (Joe wanted me to show him some of my awesome martial arts skills, so he grabbed me from behind and tried to strangle me. He forgot that I've been crippled for almost five years to the day now...didn't think about that till my head was twisted sideways and my back hunched over backwards...ouch. Double-ouch.)

Ah well. Whatcha gonna do? Instead of dwelling over my own failures, I figured I might as well make fun of yours instead. =P

I was going to do this anyways, but here's the answers to the recent Music Quiz:

1. KISS - Hard Luck Woman
I'm seriously disappointed in y'all for this one. I mean, Hard Luck Woman is one of the all time greatest KISS songs! And these were the first two lines, too...should be easy to recognize. Hell, I'd have even given it to ya if you'd have said Garth Brooks, cause he did one helluva great cover for this song. ::sighs::

2. DALI - Moonlight Densetsu (Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon)
Point for purplehaze9.

3. Third Eye Blind - Graduate
Point for miwasatoshi. (In a bit of useless trivia, this was released during my senior year of high school.)

4. Cannibal the Musical - That's All We're Asking For
No one would possibly get this except for my bro, who's prolly burried under some mountain of MIS assignments somewhere. Didn't expect anyone to guess this, but y'all should watch the movie if ever you get a chance.

5. Rick James - Superfreak
Point for purplehaze9.

6. Pain - Cap'n Scrub
Everyone in Mobile or Tuscaloosa should have gotten this one. Hell, you Miso peeps don't have an excuse at all since we had an entire Pain thread on the boards two weeks ago! Two or three pages of posts about how awesome Pain is, and no one remembers this song. Fie on you, FIE!

7. Billy Dean - Billy the Kid
Point for miwasatoshi.

8. Dave Matthews Band - Crazy
A popular band, but I suppose I can't blame anyone for not remembering his lyrics. They rarely are even cohherent and understandable, much less meaningful. "Red ants marching and up down you up and die....." Or something like that. ::shrugs::

9. Five Iron Frenzy - My Evil Plan to Save The World
Another great song that y'all should download. FIF is awesome.

10. Metallica - Damage, Inc.
Metallica, people! I know "Metallica sucks" and all, and while the last few albums ain't near what the earlier ones were, this one's from And Justice For All. Long before the sucktitude began...

11. Weezer - In the Garage
miserly had a damn good guess to this one, but no, it's Weezer.

12. Flowerkings - The Road Back Home
Point for northlander72 (Side note: Normally I don't include the lyrics that contain the name of the song. But the Northman would be the only one to guess this, and he'd get it right no matter which lyrics I used, so I just said "the hell with it".)

13. Jimmy Buffett - Changing Channels
Point for purplehaze9.

14. Beastie Boys - Intergalactic
Another point for purplehaze9.

15. Dashboard Confessional - If You Can't Leave it Be, Might as Well Make it Bleed
Okay, so I'm tired of mocking people now. Just going to list these last two or three songs and be done with it.

16. Nina Hagen & Rick Jude - Alchemy of Love (Tenchi Muyo in Love)
Point for miwasatoshi.

17. Powerman 5000 - Tonight the Stars Revolt!
Powerman 5000 rocks. That is all.

18. Black Sabbath - Iron Man
One last point for purplehaze9.

Y'all seriously need to start listening to some good music... -_-;
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