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And I'm back.

Got a quick three hour nap. (A threeeeee hour naaaaaaaaaaaap!) Now I'm good to go.

Well, till at least dawn. Then I'll crash again for another few hours. For some reason, this whole "three down, two up" pattern seems to work adequately for me during exams. ::shrugs::

Got a lot of work to do, so I can't waste much time on here. I'm just posting this to let everyone know of SA's evil plan to nominate Devo's "Whip It" as a write-in on TRL tomorrow. Sounds like a damn good idea to me. Everyone, swing by this website and cast your ballot. (Write-in box is near the bottom). Thousands of other people are doing it, so be a cool guy and do it too. (You might also want to mention this in your journal as well. Spread the love.)

Bonus points to whoever comes up with the most creative reason why you're nominating this video. ::smirks::

For great justice.
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