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1) The written test that is due tomorrow is more or less filled with obscure and/or trick questions. I suppose it's my fault for letting it slide, but in the class itself we spent a week on custom subnetting, and a day on everything else. As subnetting is one of my absolute strongest points, I assumed that this test would be a little on the easy side. Not so. Got through roughly half the questions - the rest will have to be completed in the hour between the cert test and the class itself. I'll finish it, no problem, but I'm not expecting high marks at all.

2) Practice tests on the Self Test Software for the 70-290 exam tell me that I'm ready, but not with enough certainty to really make me feel confident. I've gotten as high as 86%...not bad at all...but I've also gotten as low as 73%. That might not be enough to pass, depending on where the cutoff point is. All depends on which questions they ask, I suppose. Plan is to catch a minimal amount of sleep tonight, and wake up early enough to skim my notes, skim the Powerpoint slides summing up the MOC modules, and take one more instance of the practive test before I head out tomorrow afternoon.

3) Lab is still going to bend me over and have it's way with me. Luckily, I have three capable partners there to help carry the load. Bad thing is that I really need to impress the instructor, as he may now be my best chance of landing a job now that Hewitt has tossed my resume into the circular file.

::bangs head on desk numerous times::
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