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Hard to be festive about Christmas and the New Year with so many thousands upon thousands of people dead overseas. My brain simply cannot comprehend the sheer magnitude of try to put things in perspective, I keep imagining Bryant-Denny Stadium on game day. Then I try to imagine that number of people suddenly dying. And that's only the confirmed dead; the actual number will probably be twice that at least. And this isn't even counting the people who will die in the next month or two because of disease and polluted water and starvation.

I know I should say more, but HOLY FUCKING SHIT is about all that I can manage for the time being. I'm sure we'll be hearing about this for quite a while. More to come as events unfold.

Anyways, I suppose I should go ahead and post the mandantory list of Christmas swag while it's still 2004. So, here it is:

1) A half-sized lap cover, from chibishinigami. I've actually been needing one of these for a while. My legs always get real cold, and it's too much hassle dragging a full-sized blanket off of my bed just to throw over my legs while I'm sitting down here at the computer.

2) A bottle of Wild Turkey, from Pam. She knows me too well. ::chuckles:: Originally she was going to get me tequilla, but this was her third choice after seeing the ABC store stripped clean of both that and Jack Daniels.

3) Ten burned MP3 CDs, from northlander72. Another thing that I desperately appreciate, since my computer crashed this time last year and left me with next to no music files. Not only do I have rock and techno and such to listen to, but I'm probably the only person in the entire state of Alabama that owns Norwegian folk music. ^_^

4) Freddy vs Jason, from doramajoo. Ever since seeing this movie originally in theatres, I've been desperately wanting to see it again. It kicks so much fact, this was the #1 DVD that I was hoping to get this year. ::grins::

5) an Alabama sweatshirt, from my grandparents. Yeah, you never can have too much Crimson Tide stuff. Besides that though, this may be the best present my grandparents ever gave to was thoughtful, and something that I fully intend on using.

6) A case of green poker chips, from thespacecow. Big-time poker nut here. I've been needing some nice chips for a while now. Only thing left to do is round up a regular group of people who are willing to have their asses kicked by me on a weekly basis. ::smirks::

7) Nirvana's self-titled CD, from James. I feel kind of bad about this present. See, he's been talking about Tenchi Muyo ever since I lent him Tenchi Universe. He originally saw the Tenchi Muyo in Love movie, and thought it kicked ass. After watching my boxed set, it quickly became his second fave series next to Galaxy Fraulein Yuna. And when he heard that Tenchi Forever is the last one that shows who finally gets the guy, he's been begging me to tell him what happens. So, naturally, I bought it for him.

He didn't have anything for me - I didn't expect him to - so he gave me a CD full of AMV's that he burned so that he'd have something for me. Was the only thing he happened to have in his truck at the moment. Then the other night after our DDR-a-thon, we were talking about music we liked. I mentioned Nirvana, and he gave me that CD out of his truck. I told him that he didn't have to give me anything, and that he already gave me that burned CD, but he said that didn't count cause he didn't spend anything on it. ::shrugs:: Very cool of him, but I feel like I guilty that he gave me something straight out of his truck...if he bought something it'd be another present, but this was one of his CDs straight from his own collection. I felt a little awkward taking it from him...

And from my parents: 8) Four shirts, 9) the Ultimate Matrix DVD box set, 10) Crippled Masters DVD, 11) a Three Stooges DVD, and 12) a Danger Sidekick II. The Matrix boxed set kicks so much ass. Next to Freddy vs Jason, it was the main thing I wanted to see under the tree. Now I have nine awesome discs full of Matrixey goodness....and Revolutions. Heh. Crippled Masters looks bad. So very incredibly bad. But that's the exact reason I wanted it. I love MSTable movies in general and old kung fu flicks in particular. Should be interesting to say the least. ::smirks::

And the cell phone was another interesting story. Mom and Dad went all over town looking for phones, but could not decide on which one to get. They were thinking about the Sidekick II, but they couldn't find out how to buy one without the service plan, and didn't want to lock me into a year's contract of something that I didn't want or couldn't afford. So, after a week or two stressing about this, they decided to write me a check and put it in a box with a toy cell phone, so that I'd have something to unwrap and could choose exactly what I wanted. But then, they went all over looking for a toy one! Couldn't find it, and when they finally did it was something stupid like the Barbie FunPhone. They went to Toys-R-Us and asked someone about this. The salesperson asked how old their kid was, and without missing a beat my Dad said "twenty-five". After much laughter he finally found a solid black one, and Mom recorded a message onto it wishing me a Merry Christmas and explaining what the check was for. Then, a day or two before Christmas, it breaks! Dad gets annoyed and wants to go back to the mall on December 22nd or 23rd and exchange it, but Mom talks him out of it since it wasn't the "real" present anyways. =P

Long story short, I did get a new Danger Sidekick II, and it's fucking sweet! I usually only do reviews of anime and movies, but I may write something up about that later since I like reviewing stuff so much. I've already made several people's heads explode with jealousy. (In fact, my brother placed an order for one of his own mere minutes after playing with mine.) And with the rebate money I intend on buying as much Anime as I can afford, since no one else really knows enough about that to give me things of that nature as gifts. I'm already keeping my eyes peeled for sales and such - if things go according to plan, I'll end up with two or three times as much as I normally could get for that kind of money. (And, like it or not, I'll prolly end up writing more of my amateur reviews of these series as well. No real reason other than it's something that I enjoy doing...maybe I'll be able to post them on my own website one of these days, should I ever get around to registering my own domain name.)
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