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No politically correct "Cheerful Winter Festivus" here, folks...

I know it's easy to get burnt out on of all the blatant consumerism and materialistic greed that comes along with the holiday season. It's easy to crack jokes about it being "Capitalistmas", or refuse to call it Christmas at all in favor of some bland, generic "Happy Hollidays" (though Hanukkah and Ramadan are still perfectly fine). It's easy to worry about all the extra money being spent, or stress out over the increased traffic, or the unbearably cold weather, or just be depressed in general. But the season isn't about cheezy cards or being pressured into spending time with distant relatives who really could care less about you. Guess all I'm saying is for everyone to try not to worry about the bad things just for one day, and enjoy the hell out of your Christmas. Forget about all of your problems, open some presents, kick back and sip on some hot cocoa and watch a football game with your family and friends. I sincerely hope that wherever you are or whatever you might be doing, that you have a wonderful Christmas tomorrow, and that each of you have the best year of your lives in 2005.

Merry Christmas, Y'all!
from your friendly neighborhood sailornash
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