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And I used to think that I was a nighthawk BEFORE....

Ain't nothing like slipping in at quarter-till-four in the morning. Definite sign that much fun was had. ::grins::

Two quick comments:

One, the interview(s) went unbelievably well. Any performance anxiety left over from that Prism Systems interview last March is pretty much gone. Not sure if they're gonna make an offer or anything, but I did damn good. If I get the job, then hell yeah, it damn sure has been long enough. If not, that's okay too. I know I'm good enough to get any job I want. I got the confidence as well as the mad skillz. And for some reason, I'm starting to feel like this is my town once again...I'm not dead-set against moving away, but I would kind of like a job here in Mobile should one become available. I can definitely see myself working for Xante or TeleVox, or hell, maybe for Odyssey when they start hiring again in the spring.

Secondly, something tres wierd just happened tonight. I was giving Joe my home number, since my cell phone is now disconnected. He was typing in my name into the phone's memory, and said "Russell Cantrell" underneath his breath. So I just said "Yup" and not thought much of it. The almost dropped the phone and looked up at me. Turns out, he was saying "Russ...kind of like Russell Cantrell" or something similar, but only those last two words came out. He's heard of Russell Cantrell a bunch, and never knew that was me. I'm just Russ from school. Apparently my reputation preceeds me. ::chuckles:: Honestly though, I've never met the kid before these MCSA classes. But somehow, he's heard my name enough times that he knows it well, in fact, that it's common knowledge and thus he can't think of exactly how, who, or why he's so familliar with that name. Needless to say I am very curious...
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