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So fucking tired.

Round Two of the Hewitt interviews, tomorrow at one o'clock Central time.

I'm a little anxious. This time it's with two of the higher-up folks. Project managers and such, instead of the HR recruiter. And there are two interviews, one after the other that I have to prepare for. On one hand, I could ruin any hope of landing a job there if I fail miserably. Don't think that will happen...I may not get the job, but I'm going to put up one helluva fight.

On the other hand though, I'm feeling a little uneasy about this for some reason. Not sure if it's because they have already demoted me, since I was originally being sought after as a programmer analyst/mainframe guy and now they only have openings for a setup and configuration guy. Or maybe it's about the move to Atlanta, now that I'm just now starting to make friends once again here in Mobile, and still remember just how badly things went this time last year when I moved to Springfield, Virginia for all of two weeks. Or maybe it's because I can't help but compare it to the dream job at SPAWAR, which would have been worth $15k or so more per year and a hundred times more fufilling. I know, I know, anything beats being unemployed and living in your parent's house like a 25-year-old bum, but my brain doesn't work like that. I know I deserve better. I feel like I'm settling for something less than what I could or should be doing with my skills and abilities, and with my very life.

I need sleep, but despite being exhausted I don't think I can get to sleep. Too restless. Aside from the job hunt itself, there's a few kinks that happened in Real Life (tm) over the weekend that I'll have to deal with in the days to come. Nothing serious, but nothing too pleasant either...just more things for my mind to dwell on. More on that later once there's something to report. ::shrugs::

Time to pop some Tylenol PM's and try and get a few hours rest.
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