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Being there for your fellow man

What a night.

Exam was both harder and easier than I thought, all at once. Long story short, he displayed Self Test Software questions on the projector, and we wrote down what we thought the answers were. He posted the results on the board. Then, after marking four wrong (giving the class an 80% score), he allowed us to discuss as a group what we thought the answer was on those questions and why. Most were close...only a few votes seperated two of the answers and that second answer was correct, but on one or two the correct answer only got one vote initially. One of these was mine, and everyone else was stumped. I told Chris that I didn't care what the rest of 'em said, I still think that "A" was correct. No one tried to talk me out of it, and he made fun of me asking if I noticed that I was the only person that picked "A". Told him that it didn't matter, cause I'll still think it's "A" till someone talks me out of it. Slowly, folks tried to say " might be the second one too...?" and I'd shoot them down one after another. Turns out that after these revisions, we got 'em all right...100% on Text 5 for the whole class. Eighty percent is still a good score to begin with, but completely kicking that test in the head felt especially sweet. (Even more so considering that I now feel much better about taking this next text before year's end.)

Spent all my brainpower too early though, cause I couldn't think to save my life on that lab. But it was a Friday night, and a scenario night at that so we were all kind of goofing off. And the things that we did miss were very minor little bugs that were easily overlooked. Just got to iron out the kinks on Monday before we break for the year.

In other, semi-related news, I got another new nickname now. Since I'm always calling James "Joe Network", he's started calling me "Joe Cool". Nothing wrong with that, I suppose. ::grins:: Reckon it's from me wearing my sunglasses at night half the time (which in reality is due to my migranes), as well as how I was joking about how "I am the majority!" when we were discussing the "majority rules" rules before the exam. And I'm sure part of it was because I'm so "cool" that most folks don't even know my name and just call me "hey you" or "person" or ignore me completely. Whether that's him being sarcastic or him stroking my ego a little bit after what happened last Saturday night, either way it's funny. Phear the Joes!

Afterwards, me and Joe ended up goofing off in the parking lot. Again. Our class is on the second story of the building, and when we were on the porch-like balcony area about to head down the stairs, Joe wondered aloud if he could ring his truck bed from there. Crazy mug ended up throwing his notebook off the balcony, which missed the truck and broke into a dozen pieces with papers flying everywhere. I hollered up the stairs at him if he wanted me to toss it back up there for him to take another shot, and I did. He missed, so it fell down again. He caught it the second time, but missed the truck on the second shot. So he threw his textbook off the balcony and it missed too...completely shattering the boot disc that was tucked between the pages. After much laughing he pulled out a basketball from behind his seat, and we had a little impromptu basketball game there in the parking lot at eleven o'clock at night, trying to ring his truck bed with a slightly deflated basketball. Even Chris, the president of the company, joined us for a few shots...quick game of HORSE. making long-distance shots from the second floor of the building. Problem was that half the time the ball'd hit the bed so hard it'd bounce out - it almost bounced over the fence and into the middle of Airport Blvd traffic a few times. XD

Half an hour or so after el presidente left, a well-dressed and highly pissed man walked out from behind the neighboring building. He was on his cell phone, asking who we were. We told him that we were just hanging out, and that we were students that went there. He mutters on his cell phone "two kids that say that they go to school here". Thought we were in trouble for a second there. Joe quickly points over to the sign that said Odyssey Networking. (At least we were hanging out and talking, and were no longer shooting "hoops" when he stormed out of there). He didn't seem to calm down much, but he didn't look like he was upset with us anymore. After a few minutes, he pointed towards the east and asked if either of us were going that way. Kind of matter-of-factly. I thought that he was kind of still wanting us to leave, and was warning us of bad traffic or possibly a car wreck. I kind of jokingly said "not anymore", and he went back to talking on the cell phone and occasionally muttering strings of profanity.

Turns out that the businessmen next door were having their Christmas party, and the other guys weren't paying attention and drove off leaving this guy standing alone in the parking lot at 11:30 at night in the middle of December. They were all at the mall, having drinks at Ruby Tuesdays. So, I told him to hop in the truck and I'd drive him down to the mall. I also told Joe to follow me...not conspicuous cause we were in the middle of a convo, but also I didn't want this guy to pull a Collateral on me. He looked well dressed and all, but I didn't see him come out of the office building...he just walked out from behind it. He gladly accepted, and seemed to warm up on the spot. We talked briefly on the drive there. All I know about him is that his name's Charlie, and he worked at the title office. He was still pissed off, but very thankful that someone was willing to help him out. He asked where I was going, and when I replied "Semmes", he cautiously asked if I knew that I was going the exact opposite direction. I calmly said "Yeah, I know", and he seemed even more relieved to hear that. Instead of it being on my way, I was going out of my way to do him a favor. Bout that time his cell rang again. I only heard part of the convo...he was still pissed at the other folks, and after a pause he said "No, I'm in transit." Said those last two words with a noticable amount of disgust towards the person on the other end of the phone. Then his tone completely changed. "No, I was lucky that an Angel was there to pick me up and help me out..."

That sentance alone completely made my fucking night.

Anyways, I dropped him off, and parked the truck to thank Joe for following me just in case, and asking him one last time if he needed me to do and/or bring anything before Miso on Saturday. Instead, he was kind of hungry so we ended up going to Ruby Tuesdays as well and grabbing some burgers. Not sure how the convo came up - I think it was because he said that he had only been there once and was asking me what was good, and I was quoting him things off the menu without even looking - but the topic came up that I used to eat there quite a bit when my Ex was working there, and I admitted that actually this was the first time I've been back there since then. He said that he was sorry, and that it must be bringing up bad memories for me. I told him that it was all right, which it was, but that was the doorway for us to sit there and talk about all sorts of shit. Personal things and such. We ate, left, and still stood out there in the freezing ass cold (and you all know how much I hate the cold) talking about everything under the sun. But instead of trucks and fighting and movies, it was about high school and jobs and girl troubles and friends and everything else. A good bit of it things that I'm not allowed to repeat, if that gives you any idea. And when we finally looked down at our watches again, it was quarter after fucking TWO in the MORNING.

Not sure why I have that effect on people. Half the time, folks don't even notice me or just call me "person". (Turns out that he really did feel downright awful about that - so much so that he thought about simply not going to Miso anymore soley so I wouldn't turn into "that guy that usually hangs out with James".) But on the other hand, when me and someone really do hit it off, we end up being the absolute best of friends. And then doing crazy shit like accidentally staying out till 2:15am cause we were so busy talking that we didn't realize that we had been standing outside in the cold since ten when class let out for the night. ::chuckles::

Plus, to top it all off, I got an awesome post from nsight7 as well as seeing doramajoo's present still sitting on my table from earlier today once I finally did get back home. ::smiles::

So, long story short, lots of things happened that were significant to me. Very good night indeed.
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