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Sometimes you just got to call 'em like you see 'em, I suppose.

Today, me and Joe were hanging around the coffee machine as usual. And goofing off, as usual. And since this was Monday - the first class since Miso - we were cutting up about Saturday night. During that time he admitted that he feels "hella-bad" for me. I know, everyone has problems and all, and everyone thinks their own situation is the worst possible one. But mine's so blatantly obvious that it's almost funny. Hell, he even said a couple of times that it was hillarous...till he realized how insensitive that was and tried to backpedal out of it. Not that I cared or anything - hell, it's the truth after all. ::shrugs::

Seriously. I've been at Miso for over three months. Not only do I attend regularly, but I'm a full member with paid dues and everything. In fact my six-month membership is already more that half over. And almost nobody there even knows me at all. Not only that, but folks rarely even acknowledge my presence. That's what Joe was feeling so bad about, cause he saw it first-hand as plain as day.

Saturday was only his second time ever, and folks went out of their way to talk to him and hang out with him, walking past me without so much as even looking up. One guy was casually walking past to go to his seat or something, and passed no more than two or three inches away from me. Didn't miss a beat. But when he passed Joe (who was only standing a few feet to my left), he paused and looked up and said "hey! How'ya doing?" before continuing on his way. On the flipside, I'd say "hey" or try to compliment someone as they walked past, but it was literally as if I simply was not there. While watching the shows, I'd say something to the folks sitting near us, and they might glance up at me for a second with a confused look on their faces, then go back to whispering amongst themselves. But every few minutes I'd hear "James! JAMES!" and they'd be including him in their jokes or conversations or whatever else. I could go on all night pointing out examples - we both did so for about five minutes straight, and that was all from the one meeting. And to top it all off...the only person that did speak to me directly the entire night just referred to me as "person"! ::chuckles::

(And this is with me wearing my name tag at every single meeting. My real name's on the front. My screenname is on the back - there's not normally even a blank for that on the nametag, but I made a specific point of adding it for this very reason.)

Not that I'm jealous or anything. Not going to let it bother me none. And it's not like I was being ultra-boring cause I had Joe in stitches most of the night, laughing so loud that I was worried the officers were going to come back there and kick us out. Only reason I even mentioned Joe is that he's a convenient base case to compare myself to. I have no idea what the problem is. But he's right, it's kind of funny in it's own sad little way. At least I have proof now that it's not just my imagination. =P
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