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Hang the Bastard

The Peterson Jury is deliberating, and they may have a decision as early as this afternoon.

This man should be the textbook case of a guy that simply needs to die. As far as murders go it's about as grisly as one can get. Scott killed his pregnant wife (and thus, their unborn son) on Christmas Eve. He planned it beforehand. He dumped the body in the bay, and created cement anchors to wiegh the body down. He sold Laci's car a few days afterward and bought himself a new truck while the search and rescue crews were still looking for Laci and hoping that she was alive. He lied to the police, faked tears on the news shows, and then died his hair while making a run for the Mexican border with a sack full of cash.

And what sort of mitigating circumstances does he have going for him, aside from no previous criminal record? His wife was about to give birth any day, and he was on the phone talking to his mistress. He was lying to Laci and cheating on her with Amber Frey. And he was lying to her, calling her from his cell phone and pretending to be in Paris or whatever. (And I'm not even going to start on the whole "satanic cult" excuses...)

I'm rational enough not to seek death simply for the sake of revenge. I'm not part of the bloodthirsty mob. But this guy simply didn't care. He was a heartless bastard all the way around. And he needs to be held accountable for his actions.
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