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The weirdest, if not funniest, video I've seen all semester

Originally posted by dxmkida as a response to one of missmagics's journal entries, but just too damn funny not to share:


"Hello guys from any culture.
Here is good news that Kikkoman is tired of Japan. He decided to fight all over the world.

Fight! Kikkoman

He came from the planet of Soy
Warrior of Justice, Kikkoman
The second you pour soy sauce
Food becomes incredibly delicious

Destroy all foreign sauces
Take this killer, Kikko-PUNCH!!

"Let us explain.
Kikko punch
The power of the punch which comes from Kikkoman's unnecessarily-built body is far more than what you imagine. In addition, since Kikkoman is always using his gloves for brewing soy sauce, you'd be itchy when you get punched by him!"

'Which sauce to use?'
'Gotta have soy sauce on sunny-side-up!'
'Thanks, Kikkoman!'

Show me, show you
Kikkoman, Kikkoman

He came from the planet of Soy
The cool guy, Kikkoman
Soy sauce is good for health
It can even kill bacteria!

Worchstire sauce? Ketchup? What a suckers!
Take this killer, Kikko-BEAM!!

'Which sauce, dammit?'
'I SAID...gotta have soy sauce for omelet, too!'
'No way...Kikkoman!'

Show me, show you
Kikkoman, Kikkoman

Show me, show you
Kikkoman, Kikkoman

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