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I hope I'm really shitty at math, because if these calculations are correct, I'm going to need a 101 to pass GES 255 with a 70. I guess this was that dreaded "third evil" that I was expecting.... x_x

I made an 84 on the first test, and a 75 on the second. I prolly should have done a little better on that second one, but it's still not bad. Unfortunately, I got my Test 3 grade back today, and it was a fucking 41. I spent so much time studying for the 480 test that was that same day that I forgot that the Stats test was on Friday instead of the following Monday like it usually is, and that one bad grade tanked my average so much that I am prolly going to have to take the whole damn class over again. I suppose it's my fault though; the first half of the class was pretty easy, so when I had to skip a class to work on 480 it was susually that one. That kinda dropped my homework average considerably, and instead of helping raise that one bad test score up it actually is pulling my average down.

It's so fucking depressing, knowing that it's impossible to pass the class. After all the work I put into it, I won't be able to succeed no matter how good I do on the Final. Actually, I guess it still might be barely possible to pass that class....but only of I do really damn good on the test, and everyone else does poorly enough to warrant a scale on the final grade.

Combine this with Cal III that I had to drop because of that dickhole of a professor, and that's 2 outta 4 that I'm for certain going to have to retake. I'm worried about 480 as well, because I have no idea what grades I'm going to get on the projects. One was due today, and the other has not been graded yet since it was turned in recently. That one was the one we didn't even get close to finishing, due to the shitty ass group that I got stuck in. The professor said that he'd "take our situation into consideration", but I still don't know how that's all going to turn out.

The only class I'm not terrified of failing is 470. My grade in there isn't great, but I'll pass. The project is already working, and I didn't do all that bad on the first test. I don't know what I made on the second test, but this guy is known for being fairly liberal with the sacling policy, so I'm sure I'll do okay. But if that's the only class I am able to pass this semester, I am going to be so fucking pissed.

I don't like the idea of all this time, not to mention all of this effort, being completely wasted. I don't mind working hard and coming in at three in the morning, but if I had to do all of that for nothing I'm going to scream.

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