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Update on Frangate 2002

He was loved by everyone here on campus. We thought of him almost as a saviour, taking a 3-8 team and turning them around to being the best in the SEC in no time at all. People were fans of Coach Fran for being Fran, not just for being part of the Crimson Tide. All he had to do was stick around a few more years, and he would have "entered the pantheon", as my brother so eloquently put it. By the time his contract expired in 2007, he would have been up there with the Bear himself...well, not quite, but he would have been neck and neck with Stallings for certain. A few more victories against Tennessee and Auburn, or a single National Championship, and Dennis Franchione would have became the next Bama Legend.

However, he sold out. As a result? Just look at the reaction from those who were behind him just a few short days ago. (Links provided courtesy of the Crimson White, UA's student paper):

Franchione announcement made official - Texas A&M officials introduce Fran as new head coach
FRANCHIPHONY - After talking about loyalty and togetherness, Franchione leaves for Texas A&M
Many students outraged by Fran's decision
History of a traveling Fran - Franchione's wanderlust continues coaching ties between Tide, A&M
Good riddance, Coach Fran
Daily Cartoon for 12-6-02

Need I say more? =P

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