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Yet another boring night programming

Stuck in the Houser lab yet again. However, unlike Project 1, we're almost through this time. Sandra typed up the lab report, Jeremy and the Chadzter finished up the top level design, and Nick and I tested each of the functions personally to make sure they were firing on all eight cylinders, so to speak. All that's left are to tie up some loose ends, generate a few more waveforms and timing diagrams and .mif files, finish up the last few sections of the report, and throw this bad boy down on the desk and cry out "Who's your Daddy, Jackson!!"

Oh yes, it will be a sweet moment indeed.

However, it's been fairly...odd...being in the lab all this time. I feel like I'm trapped in a rerun. As of late, the days have been beginning to smear together into one unidentifiable mass. So many hours for so many days sitting in the exact same spot talking to the exact same people doing the exact same thing will do that to you, I suppose. It's even worse since it's "Dead Week". Most people have been pulling all nighters. That being the case, almost everyone I've seen in the past two days has been wearing the exact same clothes. It's like Deja Vu all over again.

We're all pretty ragged by this point, but none more so than Jeremy. Poor fella hasn't slept in three nights; tonight will be the first time his head he's been horisontal since Tuesday morning. He's been living off of coffee, No-Doz, and sugar laden snackage from the vending machine downstairs, and because of that, his hands have been shaking the entire time I saw him tonight. The only thing odder than that is his beard...the boy's been clean-shaven for as long as I know him, but not for the past few days. I suppose that's what you get when you try to take CS 415, CS 470, and ECE 480 all in the same semester (on top of whatever non-computer classes he has).

Luckily though, we're almost there. So close we can taste it now. Unfortunately, the final for this class is the very first one - Monday at 8:30 am. That being the case, all this weekend will be devoted to this class and the preperations for the exam, so there's no time to pause and catch our breaths. In fact, now that we're breaking for the night, most of us are going to meet with other groups and continue working on those projects. Yes, at 1:45 in the morning. Nick's heading over to another computer lab since this one's closing at two (despite it being a full two hours after it's supposed to lock down for the night). He must be a TA or something, cause he's got a key. Sandra is going home to type. Since she's working on the report, that can be done on any computer since it doesn't require the Altera Max+Plus II software, just MS Word. Chad is leaving to go work on his CS 415 project. I think only Jeremy and I are actually about to go to sleep. Jeremy has certainly earned it; however, I feel somewhat lazy knowing that I'm just going to sleep for the hell of it. Oh well, I suppose it'll be okay just this once. ^_^

Guess that's it for tonight. Time to go see what the rest of the world has been up to since this afternoon, and then catch up on all the sleep I missed from last night. Well, at least until 8 am when I have to be back here in the labs picking right back up from where we left off tonight. See y'all tomorrow, LJ-land!

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