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I wake up to go to my CS 403 class, and Parrish tells us that he's dropping our lowest grade. That means that I'm off the hook for forgetting about that paper! Whoo-hoo! Class today only lasted 5 minutes, too - just long enough for that announcement, and to fill out teacher evals. After killing an hour and a half on various things, it was time for my 9:30, CS 457. Dr. Vrbsky bought the class doughnuts! There were half a dozen boxes of Krispy Kremes: glazed, chocolate, kruellers, and ones with chocolate icing and red, white, and green holliday sprinkles. She also brought OJ, and some bagels for those nutballs that didn't like KK. I'm a happy boy, oh yeah. Well, probably not for much longer - I'm probably going to be trapped in the EE 116 labs until midnight, or I finish two I said, midnight. Oh well, after this, I'll be free at last.
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