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It's that time again

And no, for once not "useless LJ quiz time". It's Christmas, silly!
(For all of you who are genuinely dissapointed, and were expecting to find out my results for the "What color mold would you be if you were a fungus" quiz, I appologize. Maybe next time...)

Only problem is that people have been after me for my wish list since sometime in October. Perhaps I have achieved a Zen-like state of peace and contentment, but I can't think of hardly anything to put on my list. I just don't seem to want anything at all.

Anyway, I guess I'll throw what little I can think of on here. Perhaps as I type, something will come to me. Also, once I think of something I'll be able to jot it down, instead of completely forgetting it by the time I decide to try to make a wish list again.

Stuff I really could use:
D&D 3rd Ed. Forgotten Realms sourcebook - The game I'm currently playing is set in the Realms, and unlike most D&D'ers I know squat about this setting. This book would be real helpful in this game in particular, not to mention an interesting read. Also, the setting would not change, so it would even be useful once 4th and 5th Ed and so comes out years from now. =P

MONEY - As much as I'm against the idea of handing someone some cash and calling it a present, I'm fucking desperate. Anyone that wishes to make a monitary contribution to the "Get me outta debt" fund" is more than encouraged to do so. In fact, I'm probably going to have to take most of my presents, even the ones I really like, back to the store for refunds. I need cash that badly.

Stuff that would be neat:
BESM (Big Eyes, Small Mouth) revised 2nd Ed core rules - I had the first edition book, but it got loaned out to a friend and never returned. I think he musta moved back to Georgia. Ah well, these kinds of things happen, especially when you have friends in multiple time zones. No big loss, because the 2nd Ed book was released shortly thereafter, and I prolly would have bought that anyway. Only thing irreplacable was the handwritten letter by Guardians of Order founder Mark C. MacKinnon from back in the day before the original BESM was released (back when they still had that ugly-ass logo of Ami-chan riding a horse...ugh). Kinda neat for a bookmark, but no big loss. Anyway, it's a genre and a system that I like, but no plans to play this system in the near future. Still would be cool to have.

D&D "Masters of the Wild" splatbook - My current character in Jason's campaign is a Barbarian, so this would come in handy (though not as much so as the FR setting). Also, I always tend to play "redneck" PC's, so a book about living out in the woods and all could apply to most of the characters I tend to draw up.

"The Art of War" - Really interesting book, in my opinion. There are dozens of different copies of this book out there by all kinds of different publishers. Kinda like the Bible - you have the original KJV, the ones written in more modern language, ones with various foot notes and study aides, and so on. If someone can find a copy of this book with lots of neat extras like that, then that would be a really cool present.

D&D Monsters of Faerun - Again, another suppliment to the Forgotten Realms campaign setting. Only this time, it's a book full of pictures and information about all the mean nasty stuff that keeps tryin to hurt me. Bah. =P

Spawn trade paperbacks - I have the first four, so any from 5 on would be cool. I think they're up to book 12 now. (Also, please note the difference between the TPB's and the actual

Ah! Megami-sama! trade paperbacks - I was toying with the idea of collecting the Ah! Megami-sama! (also called "Oh! My Goddess!") trade paperbacks. I don't have any yet, but have read through the first several and it's pretty damn good.

Stuff I'm interested in in general:
Dice - Pretty dice. Odd or unusual dice. I have more than enough to game with, but I like collecting them. If anyone stumbles across anything unusual, I'd be interested in it. As far as regular polyhedrals go? Anything pretty.

Anime - Anyone that even remotely knows me knows that I'm a huge Anime nut. Not only that, but I just now am starting the conversion from VHS to DVD. Since I only have a handful of titles on DVD, most anything would be fine. (Good thing, too...aside from series like Slayers or Tenchi or something similar, I couldn't think of much to ask for in particular since my brother and I have most of the decent titles between the two of us on VHS.) Except GFY, that is...I got that one as soon as it came out. It's the most obvious one though, and I'm prolly going to get ten more copies of it unless folks read this first. Heh.

DVD's - As mentioned above, I'm starting my DVD collection. In fact, I'm slowly becoming the family's second movie bug. Anyway, there are so many damn good movies that I don't have on DVD or VHS, more so than I can even think of at the moment. Also, many of my all-time faves I only have on VHS, so a DVD copy of it, while not as great as a movie I don't have at all, would still be a cool present. I'll try to list some titles here in particular later on, once I have my DVD Club catalog to help jog my memory. Chanses are, if it's a good movie, I don't have it. I got a big few ones, like T2 and Matrix and Crouching Tiger and Monty Python's Holy Grail, but that's about it.

Anime cells - It's something I'm interested in, and something I'd like to start collecting (once I get out from under all of this debt, that is...heh. However, they're usually kind of expensive. However, if you can find any cheap cells from a series that I'm into, that would be a pretty neat present.

CD's - I'm not really all that big into CD's, now that I have a killer connection here on campus as well as 60 gigs of space on the personal jukebox I call my computer. However, certain artists like Kid Rock or Garth Brooks or Metallica are the exception - for folks like that where I'm a real big fan, I'd still like to get all their albums.

Pocky - Pocky is yummy. Nuff said.

any of the old WWF highlight films of Shawn Michaels or D-Generation X - When you're as big of a HBK fan as me, you never can get tired of watching the highlight reels, and the Kid has been in plenty of 'em. DX, even without the Kid, was pretty cool in and of itself, so I wouldn't mind checking that out either.

Stuff not to get:
Galaxy Fraulein Yuna DVD's - Everyone knows GFY is my absolute favorite Anime series. Most everyone knows that I've been waiting for the DVD release since I first got my DVD player. Yeah, it would be a perfect gift. That's why no one should get it. I bought it right after it was I thought I'd let y'all know before everyone I know buys me the same DVD for Christmas.

Gift Cards - I usually don't mind gift cards all that much, but I'm broke this year. Not just broke, but in enough debt for it to be silly. If you're going to spend twenty bucks on a gift card me for a present this year, please, just give me the money. Twenty dollars towards a late bill would mean a hundred times more than twenty dollars' worth of merchandise from "Big Harry's House of Jelly" would. No offense, but why go through the time and effort of buying a card at the store, when it only devalues the gift (forcing you to spend that money at Sam Goody, instead of anywhere you damn well choose)?

Star Wars and LoTR DVD's - Again, really great gift ideas. Only, since with these two movie titles there are a fixed number of movies (three LoTR and sis SW movies), I'm planning on getting the super-ultimate deluxe boxed set when the entire saga is completed. If you want to get me DVD's, there's tons of great ones out there, so hopefully not being able to go with either of these two titles won't be all that restrictive.

Well, I guess that's about it. Most folks know the things that I'm into - like Alabama football, Japanese stuff, Dale Earnhardt, Anime, Roleplaying, HBK, and so on - so hopefully that helps. I don't tend to be too difficult to shop for. Heh. Whenever I think of something else, I'll toss it on the list, and hopefully I'll have something halfway respectable by the end of the week or so. If any of y'all have any ideas of anything that'd be neat, lemme know. I could always use some ideas. =P
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