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You don't have to go home, but you can't stay here.

Ain't it just great when you stay in the labs so long that the TA's have to kick you out? Everyone else has long since gone, leaving the three of us in the lab coding. At twelve, the small asian man who was the lab tech quietly mentioned that it was midnight and to start winding down. These warnings got more and more stressed, until he was practically begging us to go. "My shift was over half an hour ago...please, stop working. Go home and sleep!" Heh. (Unfortunately, it took us about half an hour to wrap things up. We had so many files to save and either print out or upload to websites or attatch to emails and send to the group, we tried to get out of there as soon as we could and still couldn't be out before 12:30. He was walking towards the door, and we were worried that he was about to jsut lock us inside...)

Also, it's definitely Winter now. It's been cold, but now it's officially freezing. It was so cold tonight, that as the hours slowly approached midnight the temperature inside the room was starting to get unbearable. I am Jack's frostbitten ears. If Jack's heart doesn't send me some blood soon, I will fall off the side of Jack's head and begin to rot. Again, I can only think about finding the roughly half-dozen people I know that have been begging and begging Nature to cooperate with them by sending them some cold weather and throwing them into the Black Warrior River that runs behind our dorm.
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