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  • 17:51 Was fortunate enough to have dinner with Ms. Elizabeth Parker recently. Wonderful person…if you havent already, go buy a bunch of her books! #
  • 19:16 A sequel to Manos: The Hands of Fate? I never thought I'd live to see the day. bit.ly/aRzH9j #
  • 20:12 Student throws puppy at biker gang and escapes on stolen bulldozer. bit.ly/bmQrPg #


Light the fire
I was at my grandparent's the other day - the 40 acre patch of woods affectionately known as "Presley's Ponderosa". It's more of a hunting camp, really, but there's even a sign claiming it as such standing tall in the driveway not unlike the famous cattle ranches out west.

While that's somewhat odd in and of itself, that's not what amused me in this instance. At the annual family reunion held last week, I was hearing them talk about this year's census. The whole point, as I understand it, is for these government workers to gather accurate data on all of the millions (and millions!) of people in the United States. These folks arguably are, or at least should be, the most knowledgeable folks around when it comes specifically to knowing exactly who lives exactly where. But when it came time for them to go check on my grandparents, their instructions didn't consist of directions or an address. Instead they were told to just "go to the Ponderosa".

Admittedly, the ginormous sign is somewhat hard to miss. But still, given who it was that was looking for the place, I couldn't help but chuckle at the irony.

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Light the fire

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