March 23rd, 2010

Chevy - Chevrolet Racing

Beware the Ides of March.

You know, now that I actually have something in my life that's important enough to be post-worthy I find it somewhat hard to speak. I suppose I just don't feel like saying all that much.

Since my Twitter posts to here I'm sure everyone knows what happened already. That's the main reason I bothered setting one up, after all, to collect random thoughts and dump them out here when I didn't feel like writing up an entire post. But, yeah, my truck was stolen this week.

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And I suppose that's about it. I think my Dad towed what's left home this past weekend while I was out of town, but I haven't been home to go see it yet. I've been to a few used car lots, but nothing's captured my eye. And whatever I get will have to be pretty old ride was nothing short of a local landmark, and the only silver lining here is that I might have an opportunity to trade up for something nicer. Even if it wasn't according to my own plan.