January 6th, 2010

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I worry about my friends sometimes...

The other day, I was supposed to meet a friend of mine downtown after work.

Since I just took a job only a few streets further down, I didn't bother going all the way back home afterwards. I was already there by the Interstate and was meeting someone heading over from Mississippi, so a better plan would be to grab a bite and some brews. After that I could pretty much just walk the rest of the way.

I get the call just as I'm leaving the building, and quickly say that we need to meet up somewhere as my phone is about to die. We can make plans then once I'm no longer concerned for my battery life. Not a problem as he's already in transit and just needs to know where to meet. He asks where I'm at, and I tell him that I've just left the office so we decide to just meet up there.

Most people seem to know where my building is, just by name alone. It surprised me at first, but the company is rather well-respected around Mobile and has been in business for over a hundred years. He, however, was one of the few that didn't know where we were located. I knew it wouldn't be a problem as our central office is a rather noticeable landmark itself, but when someone's anxious about directions it's hard to convince them to just trust you.

He then asks what it's near. I look across the street at perhaps our biggest neighbor, one that everyone should be commonly familiar with. "The Post Office?"

"Dunno where that's at, man."

Hmm. I try again, this time giving him the exact street intersection. One of the four, at least, as we do have an entire city block to ourselves.

"Huh? Never heard of that street?"

He's a Mobile native, but still no luck. "You can't miss it," I try to reassure him. "Just follow the main road and you'll see it. The building takes up the entire block so it's hard to miss."

"Still don't tell me where you're at, though."

Technically, that's true, and though I knew his worries were unfounded it was seemingly impossible to convey that information. Then, he replies back to say that he's coming my way, down the main road, and wants to know when he'll be getting close.

I take a quick glance over to my left. If he's coming from that direction, I tell him the building that'll be the last one he passes before he gets to our lot. "We'll be right behind the FBI Headquarters," I then say, not really expecting much of a response but hoping that he'll see the giant gated structure and then know to slow down.

"OH!" I am instead greeted with a loud exclamation. "I know EXACTLY where you guys are at now! I'll be right there!" He hangs up the phone, luckily before my phone dropped the call. Nevertheless I stare at it for a moment, wondering just how come someone would be so intimately familiar with the main FBI office, as opposed to, say, the post office.

I do worry about my friends sometimes.
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Kannazuki no Miko was an absolutely horrible show. The plot is incomprehensible at best and largely unimportant. Aside from the two priestesses the characters are one-dimensional stereotypes and hardly worth remembering. Even the main character designs aren't the least bit original and all but scream out the names of another famous yuri couple that I know.

There was maybe two decent points in the twelve episode series, but other than that the best part (sadly) was the ending theme. Seriously, I have absolutely no idea why this series has a moderately large following.

...oh, wait. Of course I do.

Lesbian schoolgirls.

This show still blows, though. Gimme Sasame Kikoto or Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito any day.
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