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I wanted a nice, fresh, healthy piece of fruit.

I look in the icebox. I don't have any fruit.

I do, however, have a six-pack of Woodchuck Cider.


Guess what I'm drinking now?

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Personally, I blame the sun.

Today, I fell asleep at my desk. Completely started snoozing right there in my big, comfy office chair. Think I was gone for at least an hour if not an hour and a half.

I ran out of one of my migraine meds, you see. I'm on one preventative medication and three (three!) to manage the pain when the brain-crushing trauma hits anyway. Guess which one I ran out of? If you figured it was the one that keeps these things from hitting, or at least cuts the frequency, intensity, and duration of them significantly, then you'd be right.

I would say that it's not a problem, but it kind of is. But I can adapt. Donning my shades indoors "Hollywood" style, I spent much of the day in my darkened office lit only by the natural light filtered in through the window rather than the harsh florescent lights from above.

And then I proceeded to do both jack and squat for hours and hours on end.

I think the boss is keeping me there just for spite, really. I mentioned how that, while I was willing to give them two weeks as a professional courtesy, I'd much rather go ahead and pack my box that evening and leave straight away. After all, I had just spent two whole weeks training the new guy on all my responsibilities only a month ago when he first started...not much reason to spend two more training him on the same now.

The boss, however, decides to make me wait out the full two week period. Even though the first thing he does is pull all my tickets and assign them to the other two members of my department, ordering me not to work any more tasks and only remain on-call to assist them as needed. And I do answer questions whenever they're asked, but even so I've only worked perhaps one hour in the past week and a half. Yet I'm being forced to stay there simply because I've stated that I want to leave early, and that my new boss wants me to start there as soon as they can spare me here.

He's obviously doing it just to piss me off.

But, I've got to fill my hours with something. The first day, I caught up on my tech blogs and RSS feeds. Reading up on important technical things that I should be keeping tabs on but never had the time due to always being so overburdened. Things that the boss frowned upon, thinking they were unimportant because they didn't directly relate to any measurable immediate gain. I finally got tired of that after a while so eventually I logged in and loaded up my GHOTS email and webpages and started reading paranormal news sites and having discussions with the other team members. I was subtle at first, but eventually I quit caring. They couldn't fire me, and if they wanted me to do work all they had to do was tell me what they wanted and I was more than willing to help.

Today, after I finished reading every single article GHOTS or TAPS had ever posted online, I finally got tired from all that self-study and just went to sleep. I had no work to do. Nobody had any questions they needed from me, nothing they needed training on. The lights were out because my eyes were sensitive due to migraine. The room had been lit up well enough from the window, but because of the time change three days ago it had already started to get unexpectedly dark outside. I had been reclining my aching head back, I just went on to sleep.

Yeah, he's trying to piss me off the only way he still is able by forcing me to stay, now knowing how unhappy I am there. I tried to argue back that it's just costing him money to keep me around, sitting idle and doing nothing. For a penny-pinching miser such as himself that's nearly a low blow. When that failed to work, perhaps due to him being without balls, it actually has been kind of fun pushing the envelope more and more to see how much I can get away with. (Tomorrow night is my "jailbreak party" my coworkers are throwing in my honor. I fully expect to show up on my last day completely hung over, if not still somewhat drunk.)

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Fuck you, Yankees. You go to Hell and you die.

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