November 2nd, 2009

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  • 16:57 Anyone care to explain the MS numbering system to me? I seem to recall several OS versions between Windows 3 and Windows 7... #
  • 20:28 Watching a biography of Johnny Cash. Truly one incredible human being. #
Captain Obvious, Way to go Captain Obvious

Second post, and a second look back

As purplehaze9 mentioned a post ago, trying to blog once daily is nothing remarkable. He's been doing so for hundreds of posts without fail. Even for those of you not undertaking remarkable journeys to live in faraway lands, many find the time and the inspiration to post at least a little something interesting about their daily lives. Or perhaps I'm the only one who finds it the writer themselves, it's just another day.

That got me to thinking. One post earlier I took another cheap crack at myself, this time calling me "perhaps the most boring person alive." The more I step back and look at myself from afar, the truth is anything but. I just got a new job, which is noteworthy enough in today's economic climate. The title will either be Network Engineer, System Analyst, or at the very least Systems Administrator. Hardly a glamorous job but it shows significant achievement and I personally know many who would love to be in my boots for a day.

Furthermore, I just became an investigator with Ghost Hunters of the South. That, by contrast, is a rather remarkable position. While you'll never see a SysAdmin TV show in the vein of Top Chef or even Dirty Jobs, shows about the paranormal are extremely interesting and almost everyone knows TAPS by first-name basis. To say that I'm officially a member is indeed an honor.

I don't know if I can still claim to be bilingual, as it's been years since I've tried to parlez any francais, but at one time I could hold a conversation. And I'm trying to learn Japanese in my spare time as well (although it's not going too well due to having no spare time to speak of). In either case I've been to both Japan and France, something most could only dream of.

There's tons of other things going on as well. I never quite made it as a movie or anime reviewer, but I gave it a fair shot. I've been a martial artist, and an award-winning artist as well since I came in first in the State Art Contest for my photography. It's not quite the same as a State Championship in football, I admit, but even then I was on one of my school's only undefeated football teams, and did make it to State in track. I'm no longer a runner but am trying to train to be a free runner...nowhere near as awesome as the parkour guys you see on TV, but I'm at least trying to nail the basics enough to call it a hobby and not just an idle dream.

The longer I ramble the more I feel like I'm just starting to brag. But my journey has not been all high notes; far from it, in fact. On the less pleasant side I've been through hard times...bad times, rough enough I'd rather not delve too deeply into them, but many of you have been around long enough to know and know that in time I've fought back and survived each hardship in turn.

Hell, I'm even an amnesiac. In movies and television, it's perhaps the single most overused trope of them all, but I'm the real deal. Unlike TV, however, it does nothing to make me dark and mysterious. Just one of many obstacles I've been forced to overcome. But it was a rather unique one, and the journey through that was very interesting indeed.

So much for my so-called boring life.

I guess it's not really much of a revelation, really. I've learned nothing that will help me better myself. I've uncovered no great philisophical truth. But it does seem interesting to me, at least, how the tedious monotony of everyday life can blind you to the truth that lies within you.
Wade, Oh Shit, Twitter, twittering, Shirt and Tie

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  • 13:18 Damn you, Chisa, for having such an adorable voice. Now I'll have "Funny, Funny Little Girl" stuck in my head for the rest of the afternoon. #
  • 15:55 Migraine: imminent. Thank you, Lord, that it's already 4pm. #
  • 20:31 Wonder if WWE realizes they booked the same match twice on the same PPV? New champ forced to defend against both halves of a top tag team... #
  • 23:19 It feels good, actually, to write simply for the sake of writing. Trying to get back into the habit of blogging and not just Twittering. #