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  • 14:33 Seriously. Am I the only human being alive that actually likes Nickleback? #
  • 18:33 Guess it's official: I am now the Director of Technology for Ghost Hunters of the South, and an official member of TAPS. #


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Woke up this morning (at almost noon!) and started reading an article on IGN about the Top 25 Anime Characters of All Time. Don't know if I agree with all of the ones they chose, and there's some fairly big names missing from the list. But if nothing else the following quote actually had me cracking up:

"Japanese animation has given us plenty of bad-asses, but not very many could have beaten up God and then blown up the universe for an encore. Ladies and gentlemen, Son Goku."

*laughs* Don't know if I could have said it much better myself...

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If a friend cracks a corny joke, do you force yourself to laugh politely? What about if it's your boss or teacher? Do you get annoyed if someone else pretends to be amused?

Usually, I'm the one making the impossibly corny jokes for the cheap pops. *insert goofy Mick Foley grin and thumbs-up here*

Guess I owe it to Norm MacDonald from Weekend Update. That was often the best part of SNL growing up, and I was hooked on that one segment years before Craig Kilborn perfected the idea with The Daily Show. Norm would be given the jokes too terrible for anyone else to pull off, but somehow he'd make them work. When someone busts out with a lame one around me, normally I try to one-up them with something even worse...something to outright terrible that you get those same kinds of amused groans.

Not so much with bosses, though. When they do or say something stupid I just stare at them blankly. (Trust me, I've got quite a bit of practice...)

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