September 13th, 2009 - Damage Control: Nash's Journal — LiveJournal
Plug it, play it, burn it, rip it, drag it, drop it, zip-unzip it...
  • 00:29 You know, I wonder how many others there are that drink straight tequila in one hand while reading books on spiritual healing in the other? #
  • 10:44 The one nice thing about being single is doing whatever you want, whenever you want, all the time. Today, that's football noon to midnight. #
  • 13:31 I'm very, VERY glad that PGSM didn't turn out like this... #
  • 14:19 College Football Saturdays become a whole lot more stressful when you've got money riding on nearly every game. Obvious statement is obvious #
  • 16:45 Getting ready to head out to P'cola for dinner with the family.#
  • 21:54 Just heard rumor of obstacle courses and climbing spots in town that were set up for ROTC but are open to the public. I must investigate. #
  • 22:25 Kyle Busch misses the Chase by 8 points. Yes, I'm pointing and laughing and enjoying this far more than I probably should. :) #


Light the fire
If an online psychic warned you not to leave home, would you cancel plans to attend a party? Would you refuse to date someone with a clashing astrological sign? In short, do you believe?

At this point, as long as they don't have clashing genitalia then we're all good.

Psychics, though, are an interesting case with me. I believe in seers, psychics, and those with paranormal abilities. I also believe that 99% of those who claim to have such powers are crackpots, moneymaking hustlers, or just plain insane. I wouldn't put so much faith into something I heard from someone online because I wouldn't trust the source, but if I had a premonition of my own I'd easily abort from my own plans with little to no reason. I've often done so based on my own instincts, much to the dismay of others...I just get a bad feeling about a certain course of action, or a better feeling about another, and change my plans accordingly. You've got to trust your own intuition, no matter what you choose to call it.

The thing that irks me is that when people try to find fault in my logic, knowing that I'm a man of faith and knowing that I believe in something paranormal such as this. They think that this is mystical, magical, and therefore not Christian. To those people I say, read the damn book. I don't see any difference between, for example, Daniel's gift of visions and dream interpretations from what we'd consider a modern psychic. The Bible is littered with stories of prophecies, dreams, visions, miracles and omens that came to pass. In fact, that's one of the coolest things about being a Christian, knowing that you can see visions, heal the sick, or even move mountains if you just have enough faith.

Most were gifts given to people from the Lord, although there is Biblical proof that other such psychic abilities exist beyond different names for the gifts of the prophets. For another example, King Saul needed advice and went to a Seer to speak with Samuel after his death. It worked, as his spirit chastised him for not seeking the Lord's counsel instead. Besides the obvious lesson, that showed that there was a genuine psychic who was able to channel Samuel's spirit after his death using a very real power that came from another source other than from God.

Yet these know-it-alls always seem to want to "prove" to me that I don't know what I'm talking about. They want to "prove" to me that if I'm a "real" Christian, I wouldn't believe in all that fake psychic and vision and other such stuff. But I dunno, the Good Book kinda sounds like it agrees with me on this one...

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Light the fire

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