September 9th, 2009

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Bullet Time

  • 19:15 It makes me very proud to drive around town and see signs not for UA or AU, but supporting the USA Jags. Keep it up, Mobile! #
  • 19:20 Not that I'm a hypocrite. As a Bama alumni I won't be trading my Crimson Tide gear for a Jags jersey anytime soon, but still good to see. #
  • 19:44 Reading @GinaBiggs webcomic Red String after meeting her at D*C. Absolutely captivating - best read I've had in a while. #
  • 20:55 The only way WWE could make me give a damn about Cena and Orton's next PPV "I Quit" match would be if one of them actually did quit the WWE. #
  • 22:28 Work tomorrow. Lord only knows what unspeakable horrors have piled up during my week-long absence... #
  • 22:46 OK, now I'm officially in love with Red String if for no other reason than the badass lone wolf has a secret shoujo manga obsession like me. #