August 21st, 2009

My Foot in Your Ass, Dr. Seuss - Book of Ass-Whoopin'

This is sure to piss some folks off, I'm sure :)

One thing I'm sick and damn tired of hearing about. And if it makes me a cruel and vicious bastard for saying it, then so be it.


This isn't O.J. Simpson we're talking about here, people. He didn't get away with anything. This guy was caught. He was found guilty. He was arrested, tried, thrown in jail, and punished. HE SERVED HIS TIME. He paid the debt that society determined that he owed for the crimes that he was found guilty of having committed. Now that he has paid for his crimes, he is a free man.


He has already been punished. As bad as what he did was, nobody reasonably would expect him to receive life without parole for animal abuse. No rational human being would give him the death sentence for dog fighting. Therefore, his punishment should end at some point and he should be allowed to resume his normal life.

Furthermore, you could argue that his punishment was far more severe than most. If I'm put in jail for a year or two, I'm held back from a crappy job and several months of striking out at the local bar scene. He's kept away from a lucrative NFL contract where he could have made millions. Sure, he'll still make money once he's eventually released, but those are years of his youth he'll never get back, years of his limited time of worth on the field. After this he'll have to get back into shape, of course, and pick back up where he left off. Even if he's as good as he once was on the field I'm sure his popularity - and therefore his merchandise sales - will plummet as a result of his incarceration. It's not impossible for him to come back from this...Michael Jackson raped little kids and look how popular he ended up? But it certainly isn't likely and Michael Vick will likely be plagued by this scandal and end up like a Sammy Sosa or Pete Rose with this hanging over him for the rest of his career.

But this is not my main point. Hopefully I haven't lost all of my readers already as I build up to what I truly want to stress.

I'm not particularly a Michael Vick fan. I almost can't believe I'm taking up this position. The real reason that I'm doing so is because the NFL has always had a problem with violence. After all, it takes violent men to play this sport. In particular, many of the active athletes have a history of domestic violence. Players on the field at this very moment, working out and playing in preseason football games have been in trouble for beating up their wives/girlfriends/bitches/ho's. And they're back on the field this very day. Yet Michael Vick...he's cruel to animals and people want to ban him from the sport for all eternity.

I really would like for someone to explain this to me. Heck, even in college ball this happens all the time and nobody blinks an eye. Just this week a linebacker gets arrested for beating up his girlfriend. He gets bailed out, coach releases a comment saying "he's really a good kid", and everyone goes about their business. No one really cares. No one gets upset. WHY DOESN'T ANYONE GET UPSET? But those poor, poor puppies...don't let mean ol' Mr. Vick play the foot-ball because he's mean to the doggies, and anyone that isn't nice to doggies is a very bad man.

Give Vick a break.

He went to jail. He lost millions. He's hated by almost everyone. His career isn't totally ruined, but it's definitely damaged. And if nothing else he'll never be able to mess up again because of how close everyone's watching him, not to mention all the community service he's having to do now in order to be able to play again as "attonement" for his crimes. Crimes that he has already paid for in full. But regardless of all that he was punished fairly and now that his punishment is over let him get back to his normal life whether you like the guy or not.

Don't make more out of hurting animals than it really is. Yeah, it's bad. But so is hurting people. And before you huff and puff and get all self-righteous and act like Vick's so evil that he should never be allowed on a football field again, just think about how many times NFL players get arrested for domestic violence and ask yourselves where was that same outrage when any of these athletes were arrested for beating up women.