August 2nd, 2009

DBZ - focused, DBZ - outlaw

I don't play fair.

First time in a while I haven't had either a small get-together over at my place, or I haven't went over to my parents' to crash with the fam and chill out over there and catch up with the rents. First weekend I've had to myself in a while...wasted it thus far with drinking and video games, not really knowing what all to do with myself.

Right now I'm playing DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi. Dragonball was a decent enough anime for the first story arc or so, but it lost me with the insufferable wait for the first SSJ transformation, weeks and weeks of talking about it but not delivering, false hopes and anticipation, then after that finally happened there was the whole "five minutes till the planet explodes" thing that literally lasted an entire semester at college...whatever. I'm finding that I'm enjoying the story far more when I can work my way through an entire plot in an evening, and something like the Frieza saga can be boiled down to a dozen key battles.

I'm seriously an asshole, though. I'm earning cash and trying to unlock all the characters and such for when we eventually have a massive 2P throwdown sometime when I've got folks over for boozing. Most everyone I know are anime fans so this should be an amusing distraction when Soul Calibur starts to wear thin.

Right now, I'm playing a series of Tag Team battles. And rather than picking my favorites from the first season, people like Yamcha and Krillen, I'm going straight for Gogeta and Vegeto.

No, not Goku and Vegeta as my two tag-team partners such that they have the added benefit of fusing into either Gogeta or Vegeto if needed. I'm the dick that's picking Gogeta as 1P and Vegeto as 2P or vice versa. Basically giving me the equivalent of four players in my team. If that's not enough of a cheat, having both fused warriors means I've got two Gokus and two Vegetas. And they're essentially starting out fully powered up, without having to RYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH enough to do something that impressive.

Meanwhile, I'm sure Tien and Chiaotsu are looking across the battlefield and crapping their pants. (Chiaotsu is especially cute. His finisher is where he grabs you by the back and detonates, as he did with Nappa in the anime. And it was equally as effective blonde-haired, blue-eyed ubermench laughed as the midget asploded, shrugging off the suicide attack, and then the battle only becomes even more one-sided.)

Not that I feel bad. Dragonball is about nothing if not excessive overkill. Everytime I launch a Big Bang Super Kamehameha x100 combo, I'm just keeping with the spirit of the game.