July 23rd, 2009

Tasuki - bad day

And it's the stars, the stars that shine for you...

Been quiet the past few days, but it hasn't been quiet on the western front.

In fact, life's been such a meat-grinder that each day chews me up and spits me out a mangled, bloody mess, barely held together enough to try to do the same the next day.

Most of it is work stress, I'll admit, but I won't ramble on here. Just one of those days except several in a row. People are assholes, small issues blow up into huge problems, and huge problems come so fast and so frequent that there's not enough time to handle them all.

Looking for good news, on a whim I've begun checking my horoscope. It doesn't mean a thing, but I've always kind of thought the biorhythm curves were kind of neat. Perhaps it's my Engineering background speaking. And perhaps if I see that I'm supposed to have a great day along one of the several axis, it could be a self-fulfilling prophecy by putting me into a more positive frame of mind:

According to this, I am powerless to do a damned thing...but I will have a ton of people dump a ton of additional crap on me. Oh joy. I gotta start cleaning up everyone else's messes as well now (apparently). And according to my biorhythm charts, someone somewhere should be calling for a time of death.

Fuck. Even the stars themselves have aligned against me.