July 19th, 2009

Bama Eyes, Bama Staredown

From Twitter 07-18-2009

  • 01:14:11: Reading, wearing glasses, and listening to classical music. I feel like I'm only a latte away from being an elitiest yuppie snob?
  • 01:18:38: (Shh. It can be our secret, and there's still plenty of time for rowdy, drunken antics on Saturday night.)
  • 09:50:36: Commercial is on for the "Jessie James is a Dead Man" two-man bike race, but it just makes me want to watch the Ah Megami-sama movie instead
  • 11:38:36: I love seeing individuals getting back at huge corporations. And it's a catchy tune to boot! http://urX.in/RkN
  • 12:08:03: Grr. I don't see how so many lying cheating assholes can win over multiple partners, yet a genuinely nice guy can't manage to find just one.
  • 12:49:03: Dammit. She specifically asked me to come and watch her gymnastics practice this morning. I completely forgot. Some shitty uncle I am.
  • 14:26:39: I've always hated "idiot-proof signs" when plain, simple English would suffice. Dumbed-down signs are harder to read. http://urX.in/aAjCl
  • 17:59:43: Oooh. Head's starting to get all...funny. Gonna take either some migraine meds, or start drinking. Or perhaps both.

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