July 15th, 2009

Bama Eyes, Bama Staredown

From Twitter 07-14-2009

  • 07:13:21: I don't know what's worse - that I bet on professional wrestling, or that I'm such a mark that I ALWAYS WIN.
  • 07:23:32: @RJCantrell Doubt bookies would handle something that's scripted weeks in advance. I've just been doing that with friends since high school.
  • 07:25:04: @RJCantrell Of course, it ends up that you're betting more on what the scriptwriters are going to do instead of the wrestlers...
  • 19:03:54: Rough day at the office, but the tragic tales of other people's suffering is always kind of a pick-me-up. http://www.fmylife.com
  • 19:27:24: Tons of new followers lately. Didn't think rambling about wrestling, girl problems, booze, anime, sports, tv and tech was so interesting?
  • 19:30:56: Poker tournament coming up in two weeks. $50 buy-in. Might watch the monster trucks Friday then hit the boats for gambling the next day.
  • 19:31:55: Any of you Mobile, AL twits wanna get together for some Texas Hold 'Em, lemme know. I could stand to play some cards before I hit the casino
  • 20:31:17: Rewatching the SEC Gymnastics championship. Not sure if this means I'm more desperate for college sports action or action from the ladies.
  • 21:12:23: I dunno why people think the only reason to watch gymnastics is the girls. Honestly, most are a little more...aerodynamic...than average.
  • 21:22:02: What's more exciting: girl in leotard or girl able to fling herself through the air & cut four full twisting flips before a perfect landing?

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