July 11th, 2009

Bama Eyes, Bama Staredown

From Twitter 07-10-2009

  • 20:47:29: @groone Responsible adult is away. Does that mean it's time to throw down and party?
  • 21:02:57: Watching the trailers for Champions Online. Trying my best not to get addicted already. The last thing I need right now is more distraction.
  • 21:15:14: Dude! Freestyle Monster Jam at the Mobile Civic Center, July 24th and 25th! I just might have to go check that out!
  • 21:27:01: @groone I don't know about that...whiskey makes for one helluva good painkiller? Couple of shots and you'll forget you even have legs.
  • 21:28:03: @groone Got no plans. Not yet, at least. I'm game for pretty much whatever.
  • 21:35:28: You can pay people to bring you pizza. You can pay people to bring you kung pow chicken. But why doesn't anyone deliver BEER?
  • 21:54:47: @groone No dice. Still just me and Sam-I-Am. Nobody seems to want this job for some reason? Can't imagine why...
  • 23:16:02: Hands still feel like fire wrapped in death. Not as bad as before, but worse than they've been in a while. Time for some liquid painkiller?

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