June 18th, 2009

Evangelion - Relaxed

Go back to then. When? Now. We missed it. When? Just now.

Started watching GetBackers last night. I've seen scattered episodes off and on back during (I think) the first year of Miso, but my attendance was so sporadic I only really caught a handful of episodes scattered here and there. Really don't even remember the plot, only a number of the characters and that was so long ago now that I'm basically watching it for the first time again.

I do remember that I liked it, though, hence the reason for picking up both boxed sets when I saw them on sale. And after disk one I'm not dissatisfied. But Ban-chan, despite being probably my favorite character, is kind of annoying me already. I remembered that his power was "the Snakebite" and he had this cool kung-fu grip action thing going on for him. And because of his namesake they often drew him with kind of snakey eyes, similar to the always superdeformed Genji had his own distinctive art style. However, I had either completely forgotten about his illusion powers or I couldn't tell reality from illusion the first time through because I only caught episodes here and there as time allowed.

This is really weird to me. The rest of the show is pretty good, aside from the unexplained fact that people have random superpowers which is a common enough thing for most Anime. His is a interesting power and I don't think we see enough illusionists, personally. But I've never seen DEUS EX MACHINA be used as a superpower before. Whenever the hero gets stuck in tight spot, things just...work out exactly as planned without explanation. And all of the most exciting, intense action that the scene has been building up towards for the entire episode ends up happening off camera. How can that be a good idea?

For example: The lone hero approaches a moving semi. He has to rescue his captured partner and retrieve a crate full of cargo before making his escape. Two vilians stand before him, not counting the driver, all prepared for his arrival. They're ready to fight while he's still driving to keep up with the truck. He's pretty much screwed but...ONE MINUTE LATER! Everything somehow worked out and both he and his partner are escaping with the stolen goods, laughing and smiling and waving to the confused bad guys (and audience) as they drive away.

They were building up for that for two episodes. Sure, they had a few fights and some character development here and there along the way. And it still wasn't exactly bad. But after all that, you're pumped up to see how they're going to pull it off, and then ONE MINUTE LATER...fuck. Where'd my show go? What do you mean it just happened and it's over now? o_0;
Kyo - calm, Kyo - thinking

Writer's Block: I Can Relate

What fictional character do you most identify with?
Kyo Sohma

Not much surprise there. Perhaps a little, for those of you expecting me to put down Tasuki...it's something of a tossup, I admit. Both fit me extremely well but I think Genrou's the public side of me that everyone sees and Kyo's the side of me that I keep a little more hidden, and therefore the side that I feel is a touch more genuine. Not that the other is an act, or that there's really all that much difference between the two in the first place.

There's tons of tough guy stereotypes out there. But it's so much more than just that. It's not an act, trying to pretend to be tough. It's not about trying to impress anyone. Part of it's about just plain being tough. The rest is actually about being scarred, almost being weak in a way, pushing folks away as if protecting yourself by keeping folks out at arm's length. Even if you might not want to, it's as wired in as any other survival instinct. The short temper, the anger and rage might seem harsh but it's not a sign of a cruel heart. Really, Kyo's real protective of the folks he cares about. Problem is that he cares - sometimes maybe even too much, and he doesn't know how to handle that. Damn sure doesn't know how to show it.

And ironically, in another strange coincidence, my ideal perfect woman would pretty much be Tohru Honda in a nutshell, almost down to the last hair on her head. I knew that long before I had a name to compare that ideal fantasy girl to, but now that I've seen Furuba it makes the description so much easier. (Albeit slightly creepy due to my own similarities with the male lead from that same show...)

Of course, I've got more than enough in common with Tasuki as well. Same kinda wild personality, though more so while I was younger. I'm afraid that I'm calming down more as I grow older. Same sense of style...I usually wear beaded necklaces when not at work and love the leather duster look. Was even supposed to get one for my high school graduation present until I had to blow that money on an unexpectedly high phone bill. I still want one, even though now folks will say it's because of Tasuki and even though it rarely gets cold enough in 'Bama to really need one. Besides that, I'm definitely a pyro...not much doubt there. He's a bandit; I've always been called an outsider, a self-proclaimed outlaw from society. He's a mountain man, and while there's no "Southerners" in Japan I think that's about the closest thing. Kansai is often translated as a Southern drawl, to prove my point. Even though he's a rebel he's still got a heart of gold, a description that I've heard used for me as well. He's got a strong sense of honor, and a strange compassionate side that goes beyond his rough exterior. I've never claimed that women are more trouble than they're worth and that I'm not interested the way Tasuki so fond of saying, but on the other hand I don't date and have made no attempt to do so in some time. Even our only fears are the same...I'm a "hammer", too. ^^;

I suppose with all those similarities I'm lucky that I didn't inherit the red hair that the Dixon side of my family is so famous for. Got their temper for damn sure, and got plenty of red in my beard but my hair's more brown than orange. I think that would have been a little too much, all things considered.