June 6th, 2009

Wizard of Oz - Heartless Tin Man

Oh, how sweet...

I've got a question. Something that I'm kind of curious about, after that whole wedding thing that I went to today.

What the hell's the point of having a groom's cake?

Isn't the entire point of a wedding that two people are now one family, how they're united and bound in holy matrimony, "the two shall become one" and all of that? People are doing this thing with Unity Candles or whatever now, I guess, that's supposed to symbolize exactly that where the guy and the girl each take one little candle that represented them as an individual, and each use that to light the big Unity Candle that's supposed to represent who they are now as Mr. and Mrs. Whoever-the-fuck.

Then there's the wedding cake. As far as props go, that's arguably the biggest and most important one, the main focal point of the whole damn ceremony next to the people themselves. Huge, towering mountain of sugar and sweetness. Little bitty man and wife on top to symbolize the happy little couple. So...why ain't the cake for both the bride and the groom? You'd think it'd work out kind of the same way, wouldn't you?

Instead, you get this big impressive "LOOK! Wedding cake!" and then "Oh yeah, the groom's cutting his cake now too" that comes afterwards. Not that they should have equal billing - just questioning why the second one needs to exist in the first place. Rather than the happy couple sharing a giant cake and saying it was theirs, it's more like fuck you buddy, you go get your own damn cake - this one's MINE.

Depending on the whole Battle of the Sexes thing, I guess you could argue it either way. Either the bride gets the big nice one and the groom gets some little whatever on the side, or that one cake's for the bride AND groom and the man gets a second one all to himself. Either way, it just doesn't seem to make logical sense when the whole point of the day is unity and togetherness and being one family - NOT two individuals.

Seems pretty damn pointless to me. Just sayin'.